Ceramic Chinese smartphone Umidigi S3 Pro

by Kelvin
Ceramic Chinese smartphone Umidigi S3 Pro

Good day to all. Today I will tell and show in my review an interesting Chinese smartphone, Umidigi S3 Pro. What is remarkable, in my opinion, this unit? And this: a ceramic case, a high-quality screen, exceptional system performance, good behavior in games … But about the pictures on a 48 MP camera – I’ll tell you a little lower.


Processor and memory: MTK, Helio P70, 4xCortex-A73, 2.1GHz & 4xCortex-A53, 2.0GHz, ARM Mali G72 MP3 900MHz, 6 + 128 GB Can be expanded up to 256GB
Display: 6.3 "FHD +, 19.5: 9 in-cell LTPS, 2340 x 1080, 409 PPI


Main camera: 48 MP + 12 MP
Front camera: 20 MP
Battery: 5150 mAh

18W fast charge
Android OS 9.0
Features: 4G VoLTE support in both slots; Support for global networks, NFC, OTG, FaceID, fingerprint scanner, 3.5 mm audio jack
Dimensions: 157 * 74.65 * 8.5 mm
Weight: 216.6 g

Packaging and delivery

Packaging looks expensive, a square box with a rubberized matte black finish. The box is informative enough, on the front side there is an inscription of uniqueness of this model – Luxurious ceramics. A weighty box, this is due to a high-quality internal backing and a large delivery set. Opening the box, I found a protective pad made of foam with a velvet top layer, under it is a smartphone and other accessories. Of course, the packaging is solid and reliable, the kit is good.

  • Smartphone
  • Proprietary USB Type-C cable
  • Proprietary adapter
  • Protective silicone case
  • Printed products
  • Pin
  • Protective film


I don’t want to hide this smartphone in a case. Its back cover is not cheap plastic. Case material – ceramics. I will not say that it is thin, its thickness is 8.5 mm. This is a normal weighty device. The weight is explained, of course, by a capacious built-in battery, a ceramic case and a metal frame along the contour. And the thickness is also the presence of a headphone jack.

So, in front of me is a Black Ceramics smartphone. In fact, the back cover of the smartphone is a dark gray mirror color. The smartphone has beveled edges and rounded corners. The case is elongated with an aspect ratio of 19: 19.5. It is convenient to hold it in a medium and large hand, I am comfortable controlling it with one hand.

The screen in relation to the case does have a large working area, the bottom frame is only 4 mm, the side and top are 2 mm each.

The camera eye is located in the center of the upper panel, in a teardrop-shaped on-screen neckline. The area around this drop is working. To the right of the camera are proximity sensors and lighting. Above is the earpiece.

The smartphone is controlled by on-screen buttons. The bottom panel is not wide, the control buttons are practically not visible on such a large screen and do not interfere with work.

The back side of the smartphone housed a dual camera module with 48 + 12 MP lenses and an LED flash between them. The fingerprint scanner is conveniently located in the upper part of the case, it is well felt and has a glossy surface.

Below is the company logo in gold. With regard to practicality – easily soiled body. But those who choose exclusive cases, for example, in glass, are obviously ready to face this problem.

Side faces

Right placed the volume control and power button. The buttons are offset closer to the center. For your understanding, the power button is at the level of my middle finger. This is somewhat unusual for me. But, in principle, it is convenient.

The left end is equipped with a combined tray for SIM cards, 2 Nano-SIM or 1 Nano-SIM + microSD, with the installation of which you can access the storage up to 256 GB.

The top end has a noise canceling microphone hole.

The lower one is much more functional. Here are located from left to right: audio jack, microphone, power connector (of course, this is USB Type-C) and a speaker.

There are no complaints about the build quality and materials. The buttons are seated in the holes securely, without gaps, are pressed deafly, have a tight stroke, accidental clicks are excluded. The case is also free of defects, no tapping or voids. As for the practicality of the ceramic case, like any glossy surface, it will undoubtedly collect all the prints, but, well, they are easy to clean. Regarding survivability and stress resistance, in its brochure, the manufacturer says that ceramics is the most durable of expensive materials for making smartphones, which is scratch resistant. The advantages of the ceramic case include a good communication signal and even heat distribution.


Firstly, the presence of a protective cover in the kit is already a big plus. Everyone who bought Chinese smartphones was faced with the problem of choosing the perfect cover for their new gadget. And secondly, this case, in truth, is of high quality. It is made of flexible dense black silicone. The case has a structured surface on the outside and an embossed pattern on the inside. The smartphone fits perfectly into the case, repeating all its functional openings and protrusions. However, in the case, the smartphone loses its glossy luster, and the protrusions for the side buttons are a little upset, or rather their separation. Instead of 2 buttons, we got 3. They are the same size and equidistant. This is confusing when probing, but the response to pressing is exceptional.

The charging cable deserves special attention. He is red. This is very convenient if you plan to charge the smartphone in different places, it is easy to find among a bunch of other wires. In addition, this is a branded quality flat braided cable.

In work

Well, of course, those who are familiar with this model, just like I first of all have a great desire to test the very legendary Sony camera with a 48 MP lens.

It turned out to be a clear spring day, many photos were taken under direct sunlight falling into the lens, while the clarity of the picture does not suffer, unless a little shade changes.

Photo on the main camera

Photo on the main camera with maximum zoom

Photo on the main camera indoors

Photo on the front camera

In a nutshell, the pictures on the main camera pleased, there is clarity, excellent color reproduction, the camera takes good pictures in the distance, and in macro mode, both indoors and outdoors.

Frontalka leaves much to be desired. What comes to the fore is clearly looming, but the background is a sad sight. It remains to rely on programmers and wait for updates.

By the way, I want to say: with such heavy pictures, a large amount of memory in the smartphone is simply necessary. This smartphone has plenty of memory, 128 GB. But, as for me, unlimited Internet and 4G support will solve any problem of small storage. This smartphone, by the way, catches 4G VoLTE in both SIM cards well.

S3 Pro will bribe many with its capacious 5150 mAh battery, and it is honest in it. Plus, the smartphone is endowed with a quick charge function – 18 watts. Thanks to her, the smartphone was charged from scratch to full in 3 hours. This is a good result. During charging, the smartphone warmed up slightly.

Next, it’s worth mentioning the operation of the system. The smartphone is equipped with an eight-core Helio P70 and a large amount of RAM. Theoretically, the P70 can compete with the eminent Snapdragon 660 and Kirin 710. In practice, the smartphone showed excellent performance and scored about 150,000 points in the AnTuTu test. This is a good result for a smartphone for $ 270.

This smartphone boasts a gaming specification. Tanks fly at maximum settings. Pubg, of course, did not master it on ultra settings, and Note 8 on the ultra does not pull her either. However, on this yumidija with medium tinctures, you will be stably “in the game”.

The smartphone runs on stock Android 9. Smartly, without delay, without additional paid content. The only thing that upset was the ancient February firmware. This suggests that either the users did not find any serious bugs, or someone starts to immediately hammer on these same users.

The list of main modules installed in the smartphone

Of course, the face of any smartphone is the display. On the front, this smartphone is covered with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protective glass. The working area is large, 6.3 ", the screen-to-body ratio is almost 93%. The frames are small, and the fashionable drop-shaped cutout also increased the size of the workspace.

Color rendering and picture quality pleased, this is an LTPS display with a screen resolution of FHD + 2340 * 1080. The picture is clear, bright, saturated, natural colors. In the settings you will find a slider to enable adaptive brightness adjustment.

The screen responsive to all touch responds instantly. The screen is capable of accepting up to 10 simultaneous touches.

The viewing angles of the screen are good, as can be seen in the photo. We read the text almost at a wide angle, the color of the picture is not lost, the font is legible.

In Wifi connection mode, it works seamlessly. The smartphone is equipped with a dual-band wifi module: 2.4G / 5G. The quality of the module was checked by a traditional test. Measurements were taken at different distances from the signal source.

  1. In the immediate vicinity of the signal source.
  2. At a distance of 4-5 meters from the signal source, behind the gas silicate wall.
  3. At a distance of 10-12 meters from the signal source, behind a thick, brick wall

2.4 GHz

5.0 GHz

The important signals include GPS communications, which work exceptionally well. Satellites detect quickly and determine the location correctly. In addition to traditional GPS, the smartphone supports GLONASS.

S3 Pro supports many global LTE networks, this is one of its advantages, compared to well-known competitors for the same cost, they often only work in local networks.

The smartphone, in addition to everything else, has a number of interesting features, often quite natural for Chinese smartphones, more than $ 200, but still not available in many flagship models of famous brands for the same money:

  • fast 18 W charge;
  • NFC, OTG
  • Face ID. The camera responds well to unlock in good light;
  • The fingerprint scanner works well, it works quickly. Do not forget to set your fingers not only for unlocking;
  • simultaneous operation of 4G VoLTE in both SIM-cards;
  • the presence of an audio jack. The sound in the headphones is good, but the sound of the external speaker of this smartphone is not inferior: it is not perfect, there is not enough bass, but it is loud, there are a lot of high and medium frequencies. At the same time, the speaker does not rattle, does not choke.

As a talking device for mobile communications, of course, no questions arose. I check the microphone in the voice search: for an outstretched hand, almost in a whisper, the microphone recognizes the voice and starts the search. With a speakerphone and a conversation on skype, the sound suits both parties.


I really liked the smartphone, definitely, it's worth its money. This yumidigi has a stylish design with a ceramic back cover and metal shell. Above, I described the advantages and disadvantages of this material. But it looks, no doubt, "brilliant." What else indicates modern design? So this is a virtually frameless screen, with a minimal drop-top, a huge display, a 6.3 "diagonal with FHD + resolution, Gorilla Glas 5 protective glass. The advantages include a capacious battery, fast charging, NFC, OTG, work in almost all world ranges, large storage, a modern processor that can compete with expensive competitors. This smartphone is suitable for avid players, it’s completely gaming and pulls Tanks at maximum settings. He will also be interested in photography enthusiasts; for the most part, the pictures are good, but there are software flaws. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the lack of a notification indicator and easily soiled case, if it came as a surprise to you when buying a glass apparatus. The manufacturer left the headphone jack and equipped the Type-C smartphone with a jack. In general, the build quality and performance of the smartphone for $ 270, I was very pleased.

The company is holding a competition in which there is a chance to win the new UmiDigi A5 pro smartphone. 18 smartphones will be raffled off. https://gleam.io/XV99X/guess-the-prices-for-our-best-camera-phones-on-may-20-22-brand-festival-at-aliexpress

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