Champion of Puzzle & Dragons could not collect the prize of $ 46,000 USD

by Kelvin
Champion of Puzzle & Dragons could not collect the prize of $ 46,000 USD

If you thought that the Japanese legal framework for esports could be taken lightly, you are wrong and the recent events that took place at Tokyo Game Show 2019 confirmed it. Yesterday we informed you about the case of Momochi, one of the best players in the history of Street fighter, and today it was revealed that during another competition something similar was raised.

According to a report of Kotaku, during the tournaments that took place within the framework of TGS 2019, what happened in the competition of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition it was not a unique case because the winner of the tournament of Puzzle & Dragons, he could not even see a single prize currency of $ 46,000 USD. According to information, Yuwa, a player under 15, was victorious in the competition of Puzzle & DragonsHowever, given his age, he was unable to claim the prize in cash and instead received the championship trophy, a headset and an envelope of chocolate-covered almonds for one year.


In this regard, the situation faced by the winner is due to Japanese legal restrictions in the field of esports because, although there is already the possibility of issuing licenses that certify that a player is professional, in the case of children under 15, in Specific students of the level that we know here as a secondary school in Mexico, you can only have a junior license that allows you to compete, but not claim cash prizes. In that sense, the legal framework insists that young people of these ages should be focused on their school activities and not on video game competitions.

What do you think about these types of cases? Do you agree with Japanese laws around esports?

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