Change the use of the buttons on an Xbox One controller in Windows 10

by Kelvin
Mando Blanco de la Xbox One

One of the things that can be done in Windows 10 is to use the console controls Xbox One, so the usefulness of this accessories increases considerably. Bluetooth connectivity is necessary and, the truth is that synchronization is really simple. Good news. But, it is possible, that the distribution of the functions of the buttons is not the one that suits you best. We show how to change this without any problems.

The truth is that doing this is positive, since it is possible to use the Xbox controller with both the console and the computer, so two birds are killed with one stone. In addition, all this is achieved without having to use third-party software which was impossible to date and, therefore, everything is more reliable and secure. Of course, you will have to download an application in Windows 10 to reassign the function of the buttons, since the necessary us and includes by default in the Microsoft operating system.


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Software download in Windows 10

The work we are talking about is called Xbox Accessories, and you get it for free in the shop of Windows 10, so we talk about a job that is completely official and that allows from managing parameters such as the brightness of some sections, through the firmware update, such as change the function of each of the buttons the Xbox One controller once it connects to the computer. By the way, it cannot be combined with the keyboard so that the accessory itself becomes in another place.

Xbox accessory app

A pity that in this development it is not possible to do the same with the Xbox 360 controller, since there are few who have one at home and would not mind using it with a PC that has Windows 10. But that's the way it is.

Steps to change the function of the buttons

To start, you have to have the remote connected to the computer, such as using the interface Bluetooth. If this is not the case, the application asks you to do this before you can do anything else. Once this has been confirmed, you will see that the application recognizes the device so automatic, what is good news.

Now you have to look for a button called Set up, which is in the lower part of the screen and you must use it. Two important options park, one of them is Assign Buttons (Button mapping), which is what you have to use to modify the default settings. By the way, there is good news: if the changes you have made do not convince you, there is a button that restores everything in an original way (Original Restore), so do not be afraid to establish different settings until you find the one that convinces you fully .

Xbox One controller gray

Now you will see the screen where you can change the use of each of the buttons either by using deployable Like space paintings. Button by button is selected and, the possibilities are all offered by the Xbox One controller itself as a exchange. Even, the triggers can also be reallocated and, also, it is possible to modify the use of vibration when playing on the computer with Windows 10. An excellent option is that it is even possible to invert the axis – both vertically and horizontally.

Xbox One remote buttons

Now you simply have to set the options you have in mind and, when you finish, Accept to make the corresponding changes. As you can see, really simple and effective change the use of each of the buttons of the Xbox One controls in Windows 10. Other options to be able to do this on a PC are the Big Picture applications in the case of using Steam or Xpadder, a third-party development that offers a really wide range of options.

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