Changing the iPhone battery in an unauthorized center will be punished

by Kelvin
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While some manufacturers, such as Motorola, encourage users to be able to repair their own phone with self-repair kits, other companies such as Apple they want absolute control About this aspect. The apple company is blocking iPhone function that reveals status information of the battery, if it has not been replaced by Apple or an authorized center.

As many iPhone users know, Apple introduced an indicator on the health status of the battery in iOS 11.3. This is very useful information, since it allows users know the rate of battery degradation and when it's time to change it. It is a very useful function also for those who sell or buy second-hand iPhones, since you can check the battery status at a glance by entering the settings of the same.

Apple  change battery message

Apple delete the information

Now, Apple You are deleting this information on your most modern iPhones, at least it has been verified on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. When the user proceeds to change the iPhone battery and places a non-original Apple, the company removes all health information of the same and the message appears indicating that the battery must be replaced. This happens equally, although the user changes his old battery for another original of Apple. The problem for Cupertino's is that the change was not made by a Genius of Apple or a worker who works for an authorized service provider.

They filter the sale date of the iPhone 11. When can it be purchased?

No chip no data

What makes this message appear is a small Texas Instruments chip That is part of the battery. This is able to provide information about the battery, such as its temperature, capacity and remaining time until it is completely discharged. The chip used in the newer iPhone batteries includes a authentication function that stores information to pair the battery with the logic board of the iPhone. That is, if the battery does not have the unique authentication key that the logic board that the iPhone needs, the message that the battery needs to be replaced will appear. This does not mean that it is damaged, simply that the terminal will not have the necessary information about its status, so it will show the standard message of when it is damaged.

Change iPhone battery

For the moment, Apple only indicates that this message appears when the phone detects that the battery must be changed due to the deterioration of its life cycle, but do not indicate that it can also appear when the user has decided to change the battery of the iPhone by itself or a third-party technical service.

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