Cheap and foldable mobile phones – an impossible combination?

by Kelvin
Дешевые и складные мобильные телефоны

Today a foldable mobile phone is synonymous with big money, an investment that, at best, exceeds a thousand euros, and in many others, around two thousand. Therefore, it does not look like we will be happy about this aspect in the short term.

Cheap and foldable mobile phones

Gradually cheaper … but not everything we want

It is clear that, like everything else in technology, what today seems unattainable to many will eventually become more or less accessible to everyone. But it has a price, a pun, and that patience. It is a matter of time before technology such as folding screen mobile phone technology becomes democratized and available to everyone, but now we can even hope that it will hit the market. And we are not saying that they are cheaper, because this is already happening, there is no more Samsung Fold or Flip, the prices of which have dropped significantly in the latest generation, but this this technology is expanding to mobile phones in other bands, which will be a real revolution. and the key to making them stop being luxury goods.


battery samsung

There are two reasons that are likely to slow the rise of cheaper foldable mobile phones to mid-range for example in the near future. On the one hand, it is obvious technology cost which is still very high, as its components are not only more expensive in origin, especially the screen, than in a traditional mobile phone. But these mobiles are now too innovation leader from various manufacturers … And this is always synonymous with “expensive”. All foldable mobile phones are now flagships. The closest we knew to mid-range folding was the Motorola Razr because of its specs, but its price tag was just as high. So, first, these mobile phones will have to dominate the high-end segment in order to be able to move to the mid-range with more adjusted prices.

motorola razr 5g

So how long will we have to wait?

Well, we don’t have a crystal ball with which to know the evolution of the market, besides, every technology is different. We saw very expensive 5G mobiles, at least 600 or 800 euros per year, and the next less than half, but it doesn’t look like a foldable mobile phone will evolve so much in such a short time. Considering that Apple plans to launch its foldable mobile phone in 2023, it is difficult to imagine that before that we will see cheaper foldable mobile phones, for example 500 or 600 euros, we are not talking about lower prices.


So, for most of us, foldable phones will be unattainable for a long time if we don’t find a good discount along the way. It is unlikely that in three to four years we will have mid-range foldable phones at the price of Redman For example, Note 10 Pro. So please be patient, I hope we are wrong.