Check out the great animated start scene of Project Sakura Wars

by Kelvin
Check out the great animated start scene of Project Sakura Wars

One of the franchises that have taken full advantage of Tokyo Game Show 2019 to show many new features is Sakura wars. On the third day of the event, SEGA revealed more information about the new iteration of the series, Project Sakura Wars, and took the opportunity to share the startup sequence, as well as to let fans take a look at a new demo and the content of the limited edition of the game.

After talking about some characters in the adventure, Seijuro voice actor Yohei Azakami appeared on stage, who demonstrated the demo that was available at the event. In it you can initially see several characters of the new installment interact. Thus, you can check some conversations between Sakura, Hatsuho and Seijuro and see the LIPS decision system in action.


You can see the demo in action if you advance the video below to the 4:50:08 mark.

Later, SEGA revealed the content of the special edition, which had already been announced a few weeks before. As you can see in the screenshots below, the box will be illustrated by Tite Kubo, renowned mangaka and creator of bleach. As reported Dual Shockers, the art book will include drawings of the characters made by Kubo, their respective 2D representation, which was run by Masashi Kudo, as well as the 3D model of each. You can check more details about this limited edition if you visit this page.

Project Sakura Wars limited editionProject Sakura Wars limited edition
Project Sakura Wars art bookProject Sakura Wars art book

Finally, SEGA shared the start video of Project Sakura Wars. In the anime-style short, you can take a look at Sakura Amamiya and some other characters that will accompany her on her adventure, the mysterious masked fighter Yasha, as well as more members of the Combat Revues.

Without further ado, we leave you with the video below.

Check out the great animated start scene of Project Sakura Wars 2

What do you think about all the information they revealed about Project Sakura Wars? What excited you the most, watch the gameplay, limited edition content or startup sequence? Tell us in the comments.

If you wanted to see more videos of Sakura wars with that anime style, then you'll be glad to know that yesterday they announced Project Sakura Wars: The Animation, an anime series that will feature main story events. If what you want is to know more about the new characters, then we invite you to meet them if you go to this page.

Project Sakura Wars It will debut next December in Japan and is expected to arrive in the West at some point in the spring of 2020, only on PlayStation 4 consoles. You can find more news related to it if you visit its file.

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