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by Kelvin

Learn some tips on how to improve your connection and take the speed test to check internet quality.


Connection instability issue is normal until it starts happening regularly. Therefore, perform a internet speed test It is essential if you are experiencing constant drops in connection, if there are many people using the same access point, or even wondering if the contracted package is being met. Thinking help you do the speed test of your connection completely and correctly, check out some tips we have prepared and the most recommended speed meter:

How to perform internet speed test

Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed ​​are the items that will be measured by the speed test.Ping, Download Speed, and Upload Speed ​​are the items that will be measured by the speed test.

Before performing the internet speed test, you need to be aware of what the meter will analyze and what points to consider at the time of measurement. Overall, these internet meters measure the speed of network data traffic. To do this, they analyze three measurements: the ping (or latency), a upload speed and the download speed.

Ping (latency)

Generally speaking, the ping (or latency) is a measure of lag intensity or delay in the network. In more technical lines, it is a tool that uses the protocol Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) to test equipment connectivity – if you're used to playing a lot of online games, you know when you're in the middle of the action and the game starts to crash (it's pinging).

Download speed

THE download speed (or “Downloaded bit rate”) measures the rate of speed that the contracted connection offers to download data from the internet. Basically, the higher your internet speed, the faster you can download shows, movies, etc. For example, in theory, a 10MB (mega) internet packet could achieve a download speed of 10 megabits per second.

The higher this value, measured in megs, the faster your internet will be.

Upload Speed

Unlike download speed, the upload speed (or “Loaded bit rate”) measures how much data the network can receive (download). For example, if you are uploading your photos and videos from your phone to a cloud server, the transfer speed will be measured according to your network upload rate – if your internet is 10MB (megs), files will be uploaded on a 10 megabits per second speed.

Just like downloading, the higher the bit rate loaded, the faster the downloads.

Tips before taking the speed test

For the most accurate result, it is not enough to have only a competent speedometer. Several factors can influence the connection, such as multiple connected devices, distance from the access point, type of connection (wired, Wi-Fi), or background programs. To do this, check out some tips below before starting the test:

Prefer wired connection

Before performing the internet speed test, be careful to perform the measurement using a wired connection.Before performing the internet speed test, be careful to perform the measurement using a wired connection.

Performing internet speed test with using Wi-Fi will not give you the most complete result of your connection. This is because, before reaching the device where it will be measured, the internet goes through the router and only then is distributed between the house.

If the connection is wired, the internet is passed straight to the connected device – a computer or notebook. In addition, the wired connection is more stable.

Rerun speed test several times

It's not because your first internet speed test gave you a lower number than it's the final verdict – sometimes it just happens that the connection went through an instability. Therefore it is essential that the internet connection test be done several times during the day as it will be easier to identify possible fluctuations at certain times.

To perform the internet speed test, just leave this page open and redo as many times as you want.

Unwind your network

Many devices connected at the same time can impact your network and consequently change the speed test. Turn off Wi-Fi for smartphones, smart TVs, smart gadgets and any devices that may be sucking your internet in some way. The idea is that only your computer or notebook is connected via cable to the internet.

Pause all downloads and turn off VPNs

Pause all downloads and any internet background programsPause all downloads and any background programs that use the internet (Image: Deposit Photos)

Another important point to watch out for is to pause all ongoing downloads and updates on your PC. As downloads are transferring something from the Internet to your machine, your download speed will be adversely affected. VPNs, which usually act in the background, should also be turned off.

Restart the computer to disable background programs

Like downloads, programs constantly use your internet to keep you up to date – even those running in the background. If you restart your PC before taking the test, chances are that the numbers are closest to the contractor, as there are fewer obstacles ahead.

After all the care taken, it's time for us to perform the Speed ​​Test of your internet. Our speed test is offered by the developer. Ookla, which accurately calculates the numbers of Ping (latency), Download speed and Upload Speed of your connection.

Internet speed test with Speed ​​Test By Ookla

Speed ​​Teste by Ookla has a network of dedicated servers optimized to deliver the bitrate needed to saturate the connection for reliable measurement. O speed test of Showmetech It is compatible with all connection types: ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Fiber Optic, Satellite, WiFi, Wimax, Cellular, etc.

Once you have taken the test, you can share it with others on social networks or save it as an image for future comparisons.

If, even after the speed test, your internet is under contract, contact your internet provider and request explanations.

Measure the internet on the meter above and leave the results in the comments!