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Today we do not have a smartphone or similar device in our hands, because this time we will talk about a device that reminds us a little of the famous Google Chromecast, but as you will see, it is a very different device and it has more and more users in countries where available.

It's called Roku Streaming Stick +, a small device that connects directly to our HDMI TV port and, when connected to the Internet, we will have access to the entire world of multimedia content available through streaming, such as Netflix, YouTube, Deezer, TuneIn, WWE, UFC, Google Play Movies, Claro Video … and many others.

Roku made a presentation on his arrival in Chile a few weeks ago, as we have reported here, and since then they have been allowed to give us this unit to briefly test it and provide this analysis.

Author: Jonathan MunizagaPhotos: Jonathan MunizagaTrial period: Around 1 month


– Roku, Inc– Streaming Stick + – 3810MX– Initial state: New
– 720p HD – Full HD 1080p – 4K 30Hz – 4K 60Hz – 4K HDR 30Hz – 4K HDR 60Hz – HDCP 1.4- HDCP 2.2- HDR10
– Linear PCM – Dolby Digital – Dolby Digital Plus – DTS
– Wi-Fi – Dual band MIMO 802.11ac
– Roku OS 8.0.1
– 93.9 x 20.3 x 11.9 mm – Weight 26 grams
– 3W when playing 4K UHD content


The Roku Streaming Stick + is almost the same size as a highlighter, although it is not as wide. It is very light and fits very well on your TV. Of course, this device is designed for an HDMI port located on the side of the TV. If your TV only has a rear HDMI port with a horizontal connection, you may have a problem if your TV is hanging or near a wall. If so, you can request an adapter that is completely free of Roku.

Roku has a Mini USB input to receive power, like Chromecast, and also has an HDMI connector to connect it to our TV. In the Roku box comes a USB to Mini USB cable that will allow us to use the USB port of our TV to power Roku. This cable also acts as an antenna that will greatly improve the Wi-Fi connection.


The Roku Streaming Stick + control is small, convenient, and easy to use. This has 18 front and double-sided buttons, this will allow us to control the volume of our television. It uses two AAA batteries and is a wireless remote control, you can send information of the available batteries to Roku and display them on the screen.

On the front we will find shortcuts to the applications we have in Roku that can NOT be changed, they are assigned from the factory. In this case we will have Netflix, Google Play Movies, Deezer and "Estrella TV". It doesn't have the type of microphone to do our voice search.


When we started our Roku, he sent us to create an account on his official website so that we could use it on our device. It is very important to create this account because it will allow us to activate our device and we will also have all the purchases, applications and games that we have downloaded fully synchronized.

After activating your device and creating your account, you can start using the features offered by the Roku service, where you will find thousands of free and paid applications that suit your tastes.

Obviously we cannot comment and show many of its functions in words, so I made a video where I showed the Roku interface, the catalog of available applications and the operation of some of them. I also showed him the Roku Media Player application, which will allow us to play multimedia content that we have on NAS or storage connected to our network.

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As expected, we also have an application available so that we can manage our Roku from our iPhone and iPad or from an Android device. The download is completely free and is done from the respective app store.

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With that, we can completely replace the physical remote control, because it offers exactly the same function, in addition to being able to use a virtual keyboard on your smartphone to occupy it when Roku asks you to enter text. You will also have direct access to your application or enter the store to download others directly from the application.

As if that wasn't enough, you can send music, photos and videos that you have stored on your smartphone directly to Roku to watch or listen to on TV, all wirelessly.

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But what I like the most and what I have not seen on other similar devices, is a function that allows you to send the audio that Roku is emitting on the TV directly to your smartphone. In this way, you can listen to the content you see on TV directly on your mobile phone and, if you want, you can use headphones connected to your smartphone for greater privacy and without disturbing anyone.

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What is in the box?

For those who have doubts about what they will find when buying the Roku Streaming Stick +, here I will tell you what will happen:

  • Roku Streaming Stick +
  • Remote control
  • Two AAcell Duracell batteries
  • Power cord
  • USB extender (for use with a power adapter)
  • USB power adapter


Roku Streaming Stick + is the perfect complement to turn your TV into a true Smart TV, and as you can see in this review, you will find all the Netflix content, all the entertainment of YouTube, all TuneIn radios, rent movies on Google Play Movies or play with a variety of games that you can find in the store and it's free.

So far, everything sounds good, but I think Roku still needs to be mature, because even though we have more than 100,000 applications available, some of which we almost don't know because it was made by a third party, although it's not bad, you just need to find content that best suits your taste.

The good thing is that it has two things that many people like: the playback of local content through NAS or storage that we have on our private network, and the M3U registry player, which is currently fashionable and can be found on the Internet as an "IPTV list", with which you will conquer some.

I consider that the remote control is very good, in addition to being comfortable to use, you have the possibility to program it so that you can turn your television on and / or off and also control the volume, which has freed you from using your television remote control and remains with only one.

Finally we have the Roku application that is very complete, easily replaces the physical remote control and works very well. By far the best is your choice. Listen in person, which will allow us to use our smartphones to listen to our Roku audio and with headphones to listen as loudly as you want without disturbing your home or anyone.

What I don't like is that Netflix has not been updated to be able to watch 4K HDR content and have audio on the Dolby Digital 5.1 channel, although Roku assured us that we would soon receive this expected update. Currently you can only watch 4R HDR content YouTube and enjoy Dolby Digital and DTS audio with our own content that we have on our network.


The The Roku Streaming Stick + that we tested today and also its younger brother called Roku Express +, you will only find it in stores in Paris.

In the case of the Roku Streaming Stick +, the price is CLP $ 69,990, while the Roku Express + is worth CLP $ 39,990.

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