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An important complement to smartphones today are hearing aids, because most of us use this equipment as our standard audio and / or multimedia player. For this reason, we tested several alternative wired and wireless headphones so you can choose the best option when you buy it.


This time I bring you an excellent alternative to the famous Asian brand that we know as Xiaomi, because we are pleased to present the Mi In-Ear dual hybrid headphones, high quality wired headphones and at very affordable prices as expected from Xiaomi products. .

Unlike smartphones, there isn't much we can say about wired headphones, but I can guide you a bit in decisions based on my experience with these headphones. I am also a user of previous models such as the Xiaomi 2 piston and 3 piston, so I can tell you the differences between the models.

We thank our friends at GearBest for sending us these headphones, and so we bring you this review.


– Xiaomi– Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro – QTER01JY– Initial status: New– Author: Jonathan Munizaga– Photos: Jonathan Munizaga– Trial period: Tuesday, February 13 – Thursday, February 15
– Impedance: 32Ω– Sensitivity: 101dB – Nominal force: 5mW – Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
– Connector type: 3.5mm gold plated connector – Cable length: 1.25m – Weight: 14gram – Internal microphone – Remote control allows you to answer and close calls, and control volume (the latter is NOT available in the product Apple)
– Headphones – Instruction manuals in Chinese and English – Ear pads with XS / S / L sizes


At first glance, I really like how these Xiaomi headphones look. For me, mixing black with silver is the meaning of modernity, although when you wear it on your ears they look a bit big. However, this does not mean that they are uncomfortable.

The silver part of the earphones is made of metal which is designed in the 20 step process, while the cable is made of military grade kevlar fiber for durability and quality. The cable has a length of 1.25 meters. However, this does NOT prevent tangling, so if you want to avoid them, you should treat them with care.

Check Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Hybrid Dual Drivers 4 "width =" 4032 "height =" 3024 earphone

The headphones are quite comfortable to wear, in my case, I wear them for more than 4 hours of continuous use and when they start to bother my ears, they do not fall off because they are very noisy. The remote control is not heavy, so it is not tight when you use it.

This control includes three buttons: the middle allows you to answer and close calls, while the other two allow volume control, although the last one only works on Android devices. Inside is a 58dB MEMS microphone that has the ability to reduce outside noise.

WELL ????????

  • Good material
  • Very comfortable
  • The headphone cable appears to be of good quality.
  • Hearing aids cannot be separated from your ears

BAD ????????

  • If you don't treat it well, the earphones will tangle


Now I think we have come to the most important part of the headphones: sound quality. In the case of our protagonist, the sound is quite good, very clear and with a high volume of power.

Now, if we compare it with the Xiaomi 2 and 3 piston, there are some differences that I will explain below:

  • Piston 2: dedicated to those who like strong bass
  • Piston 3: dedicated to those who like tall forts.
  • My in-ear headphones Pro: Dedicated to those looking for more balanced bass and treble, where there are no excessive bass or treble.

In this way I will define these three models of Xiaomi headphones. Our protagonist is also marked for giving a greater definition in audio, here you hear details than in other headphones you do not listen and they give me some songs and that is what I stand out the most.

Check Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Hybrid Dual Drivers 7 "earphone width =" 4032 "height =" 3024

Strength in volume.I have nothing to say, because they sound quite loud, even though they have the same power that we found in the Piston 2 and 3. Similarly, this will clearly depend on the type of device you are connecting to these headphones. There is no terrible distortion or "crackling" here, so calm.


In my experience, that's pretty good. I listened well to other people and he told me that he heard me loud and clear. I got that experience with 3G calls with HD Voice, and the same experience I got with Internet calls.

Check Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphone 8 "width =" 4032 "height =" 3024

WELL ????????

  • The sound quality is very good.
  • Balanced and treble bass
  • Very good definition
  • Excellent power volume
  • Good behavior in analog and digital calls.

BAD ????????

  • If you listen to audio without equalization, the midtone may bother you a little when listening to your music very loudly.


I have to admit that I really want to try these headphones because I have followed the previous models and Xiaomi is always characterized by offering good audio quality, so that is definitely what I was expecting.

I really like the sound quality of these headphones, but what I like the most is their definition, which allows me to hear the details of some songs that I have not heard with other headphones, which impressed me.

The quality of the cables and headphones looks great, but over time we will see if they really remain that way. I don't like this problem a bit if you don't tangle it easily, I think Xiaomi should work there and choose a cable that is not tangled.

After all, they are headphones that I recommend with eyes closed, audio quality. I'm sure you will like it because you will have excellent sound quality even if you have the equalizer and / or the effects turned off. If you have an Android device, the remote control will be 100% compatible, but if you use it with any product from AppleYou can only use the button to answer or close a call, obviously the microphone is compatible.


You can find the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones headphones in the online store GearBest and the price is CLP $ 10,593 thanks to a 32% discount that only lasts 7 days, so I take the opportunity to buy it now.

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Hybrid Dual Headphones at GearBest

We thank our friends at GearBest for sending us these spectacular Xiaomi headphones, because thanks to them we can give you this review.