China prepares the deployment of its fleet of air taxis

by Kelvin

The Chinese mobility company EHang will be responsible for developing an air traffic control system in the city of Guangzhou.

The future is in the skies and the Chinese company for the development and deployment of autonomous passenger and cargo vehicles, EHang, knows it. Now that will be in charge of build the first operational network of air taxis and transport in the city of Guangzhou, south of China, in a place where the rapid population growth has caused land transit to be a bad option for transportation.

Earlier this year, EHang was chosen by the Civil Aviation Administration of China as the only company with the permission to build autonomous vehicles that provide air services for passengers. But the objective, at this time of experimental tests, is not only to demonstrate that it makes sense that their planes are used in the cities, but also, prove that they have the ability to control and monitor the network or traffic of their vehicles by developing a traffic control system. However, EHang will be supported by the Guangzhou local government for the construction of the necessary infrastructure.


It is too early to ensure if EHang aircraft will work even more useful or ecological than other alternative transport such as bicycles, but the company has already demonstrated on other occasions in the same city of Guangzhou and in Vienna, Austria, in 2018, when transporting passengers in the Ehang 184 and demonstrating that their vehicles are functional.

Source: Techcrunch

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