Chinese schools start wearing smart uniforms to track students

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Escolas chinesas começam a usar uniformes inteligentes para rastrear estudantes

Schools at China are starting to use what are being called "smart uniforms"to track the location of their students. According to a report in the state newspaper The Global Times, the idea would be to encourage children to attend classes.

Each uniform has two chips, one on each shoulder, which are used to control when and where students enter or leave school. In conjunction with this, schools will also use face recognition software at the entrances to ensure that each person is wearing the correct uniform.

If someone tries to leave school during class time, an alarm will sound. According to The Epoch Times, the chips in these clothes can detect when a student sleeps in class and would allow payments – which would be useful in the cafeteria, for example.

Chinese schools start wearing smart uniforms to track students 1

The company responsible for manufacturing the uniforms, Guizhou Guanyu Technology Companysays that they can be washed up to 500 times. The specifications of the wearables also indicate that they can withstand temperatures up to 150ºC.


These uniforms are being worn in 10 schools in Guizhou Province, affecting about 800 students since 2016. Most worryingly, there is no mechanism to prevent administrators from tracking students out of school.

Chinese schools start wearing smart uniforms to track students 2

According to Lin Zongwu, headmaster of Renhuai School No. 11, it is the school's own decision not to track the precise location of students outside the school grounds.

Via: The verge, ABC News, The Epoch Times Source: Global times

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