Chrome extensions for Google Photos users and to edit photos

by Kelvin
Las mejores extensiones de Google Chrome para usuarios de Google photos

Today, Google Chrome is one of the most recognized web browsers worldwide, with more than 750 million users. Chrome has multiple features that have led it to take advantage of its competition, one of which we can highlight, is the large number of extensions it presents, in order to improve the user experience.

From the Chrome Web Store You can find a variety of extensions that will help you expand the use you give to this browser. This time we want to talk to you about the best Google Chrome extensions for Google Photos users.


Save to Google Photos

By adding this extension to your browser, you can save the images you like from the Internet directly in the Google Photos application. This way you can save photos wherever you are in your account albums. However, you can only save a certain amount of images by installments, unless you subscribe for unlimited access.

Link | to download

Google Photos Direct Link

Google Photos does not provide you with a direct link to your images, but with this extension you can generate it even from the application, being a useful tool for you to publish your photos on other blogs. But you should keep in mind that some directions that are generated from the images, after a while could stop working.

Link | to download

Sumo Paint – Online Image Editor

Sumo Paint extension

This extension will allow you to edit your photos in Photoshop style using its collection of functions, it is also one of the most popular and versatile painting applications available on the Internet. You can find more than 37 filters and effects, professional painting tools, various types of image transformation, as well as other useful functions to edit your photos.

Link | to download

PicMonkey Extension

By adding PicMonkey to Chrome you can edit images from the Internet or screenshots directly. With this extension you will have the opportunity to make basic editions to improve your photographs, place texts with different fonts, frames and use texture tools.

Link | to download

Photo Editor

Photo Editor extension

Finally, we have another editor that can generate artistic results in your photos, without the need to subscribe to editing programs that require payment. Photo Editor will allow you to correct defects in your photos such as bad lighting, diffuse colors, red eyes and other details, which you can appreciate.

Link | to download

These were the best extensions, we hope they help you improve your experience as a user of Google Chrome. And if you have used any of them, you could tell us your experience in our social networks.

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