Chrome Lab: New Feature to Test New Features in the Browser

by Kelvin
Лаборатория Chrome

In addition to the stable version of Chrome that most of us use, Google has two more versions that it uses for its Experiments On the one hand, we have Canary version, a more advanced version, with a lot of news and experimentation, but the most unstable of all, and then beta a version more stable than Canary, with news that almost certainly reaches a stable release, but with bugs pending.

Chrome Lab

When Google implements a new feature in the browser, testing it usually requires activating it using the experimental features or flags section. However, this section is often considered difficult for users who just want to quickly test a particular experiment. For this reason, Google decided to simplify this process by creating a new tool for beta and Canary branches of the Google browser. This is Chrome Labs.

Chrome Lab: How to test new features before anyone else

Chrome Lab is a new section that Google has included in its browser to add all the new features that appear in the browser and allow users easy to activate or deactivate them … This new section is displayed to the right of the address bar with beaker icon … By clicking on it, we will see a list of all experiments that Google is currently working on.

Chrome Lab

If we find the one we want to test, we just need to expand the dropdown and activate it from there. We see the same options as in the “Flags” section, so in addition to ” Included “,” Disabled ” as well as ” Default “Depending on the experiment, we can find other parameters to choose from.

Chrome Labs - Activar funciones Experimentales Canary

Using this panel, we can change the status of any experiment in just a couple of clicks. And all we need to do is restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Activate Chrome Lab

This new feature is intended exclusively for beta and Chrome Canary releases, as they tend to be more experimenting with. We can activate it if we want in stable version although the news we find in this one will be much less.

While Chrome Labs is expected to be activated by default for all Canary and Beta users in the not too distant future, this is another experiment for now. And hence, it is disabled by default, and paradoxically, we will have to activate it in order to use it from flag

We will write the following in the address bar of our browser:

chrome: // flags # chrome-labs

And we will mark the flag that appears as “Enabled”. We restart the browser and voila, this new feature will already be activated and we see a glass from which we can very easily control the experimental news.