Chucky: Jennifer Tilly shares new image from the series; look!

by Kelvin
Chucky: Jennifer Tilly shares new image from the series;  look!

Image: Syfy/Reproduction

Recently, actress Jennifer Tilly, also famous for lending her voice to the character Tiffany, Chucky’s fiancée in the killer doll franchise, shared an unpublished behind-the-scenes photo of the new series developed by Syfy. In the image, the artist is shown holding Chucky’s small hands. “The baby’s first steps,” she wrote.

Check out the full publication:

Apparently, the first episode of the production will be released on October 12th by the closed channel. The first news related to the new project began to emerge this year, when Don Mancini, creator of the franchise, decided to expand the narrative possibilities with the characters.


While the last feature about the killer puppet, released in 2019, wasn’t exactly a blockbuster in theaters, fan expectations are high to see what the show will bring to everyone.

It is worth noting, in this sense, that Tiffany is one of the public’s favorite characters, with Jennifer Tilly being available to the creators at various times.

chucky: learn more about the new Syfy series

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Don Mancini stated that he was knowledgeable about what fans of the franchise would like to see in upcoming projects. According to him, many consider the second sequence as the best of all for several factors.

“I think one of the reasons for this success is Chucky’s appearance in that movie and how the late director John Lafia left the character,” he explained. “Our goal with the series is to be able to bring that look back to Chucky. Tony Gardner and Peter Chevako [artistas responsáveis pela manipulação dos bonecos] did a great job. I think the fans will really appreciate it,” he revealed.

According to the official description of the production released so far, a very old Chucky doll will be for sale in a suburban area in a very quiet American town. However, after a series of mysterious murders, many of the residents’ secrets are exposed.

And with the arrival of enemies and allies from Chucky’s past, many questions are deepened, showing the truth behind these brutal crimes, as well as the true origins of the killer puppet.

So stay tuned for all the news!

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