Church asks for R$ 1 billion from Netflix in court, but ends up in loss

by Kelvin
Church asks for R$ 1 billion from Netflix in court, but ends up in loss

Temple Planet of the Lord church withdrew from suing the Netflix streaming platform and the video producer Porta dos Fundos for R$ 1 billion because of a Christmas special published on the service. The information is from Look, who also reports that the religious institution came out of the situation with a bill to pay.

According to the report, the process was opened and conducted by the church’s president, Anselmo Ferreira de Melo da Costa. According to the document, the applicant’s Christian faith was disrespected by the feature film “The First Temptation of Christ”, shown at the end of 2019, which makes a parody of biblical situations by suggesting a homosexual Jesus Christ.

However, Netflix and the producer were not even notified of the lawsuit. The reason? The Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro denied the so-called right to free justice for the temple, that is, that the process could take place without the church having to pay any amount. Typically, filing a case involves paying overheads and attorneys’ fees. The temple did not prove why it would deserve the right and only after being questioned by the court would it have promised to distribute the indemnity to charity.


hard case

For the high price initially requested, the church will now have to pay around R$ 82,000 — an amount that could be much higher if Netflix and Porta dos Fundos were officially notified and won the dispute. Altogether, she filed two lawsuits (one in Rio de Janeiro and another in São Paulo), asking for the removal of the content from the platform.

Still according to Look, the lawsuit would hardly condemn the streaming company: the figure is considered too high and the suggested damage is difficult to assess concretely. In addition, the temple itself made a mistake in the request: the lawyer mistaken the name of the controversial feature film, citing instead the group’s Christmas special made the previous year, called “Se Beber, Não Ceie”.

In January, the Rio de Janeiro Court decided to remove the film, a decision reversed at the end of the same month by the STF.