Cisco expands the Marketing Velocity brand to boost partner revenue and attract customers through marketing

by Kelvin

Digital marketing plays an important and increasingly frequent role in the configuration of customer shopping and brand experiences. Currently, B2B customers have already passed 60% of the purchase process before talking to a sales representative and 61% of B2B transactions begin online.

With more than 62,000 partners worldwide and approximately 85% of Cisco's revenue through the channel, partners play a critical role and digital marketing has become a crucial component of success. The comments of the partners continually reiterate that digital marketing is one of the key areas in which they need help.

That's exactly where Cisco comes into the equation.


To help partners realize and transform their marketing practices, Cisco announces an expansion of the industry-leading brand, Marketing Velocity, to drive partners to reach customers in an innovative way through their marketing activities. The new Marketing Velocity platform connects and integrates Cisco's existing capabilities into a single offering, bringing to the industry a first such comprehensive program to support the digital transformation of partners. The expansion will allow to increase marketing practices and finance funds for habilitation tools, with the purpose of accelerating their field activation.

"This goes beyond gathering all partner marketing resources under one brand," said Boon Lai, vice president of global marketing for partners at Cisco. “It's about integrating and improving the marketing practices of our partners with a terminal-to-terminal solution, to attract new customers, generate more sales and boost profits. We are deeply committed to investing and accelerating the marketing experience of our partners through this new platform, ”he added.

The new extended offer consists of four components:

  1. Cisco Marketing Velocity Learning: An education and empowerment portal to boost the growth of partner marketing practices. Real-time access to marketing education is essential to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry, offer an incredible customer experience and boost demand in the market. (Both the ability to perform and the transformation)
  2. Cisco Financing for Marketing Velocity: To help partners perform their day-to-day tasks, Cisco Joint Marketing Funds (JMF) provide funding in the marketing area to authorized channel partners to market their Cisco companies, products and services that they sell, and to boost reservations through co-marketing initiatives.
  3. Cisco Marketing Velocity Central: Formerly known as Partner Marketing Central, Marketing Velocity Central is a full-service marketing portal to help partners realize and transform their practices. It is the partners' hotspot for customizable campaigns for free use, including automated email submissions, social networks and website syndication and an enhanced marketing content library. It also offers advanced campaign analysis capabilities, which include campaign tracking and customer contact commitment score. With the agency market, partners can navigate and connect with specially chosen demand generation agencies and order services ranging from paid search, social media activation and digital event promotion, to traditional telemarketing. Partners can also apply without problems to their Financing for Marketing Velocity in this portal.
  4. Cisco Marketing Velocity Activate: Marketing Velocity Activate is a new limited launch joint marketing service for a select number of partners and is a true transformation component. As the customer experience becomes increasingly digital, the ability to jointly organize customer experiences together with Cisco and its partners becomes increasingly important. Marketing Velocity Activate is the first program in the industry that combines business data and joint planning, based on information along with the omnichannel practice of Cisco and partners to attract customers and generate revenue.

"This additional evolution of Cisco Marketing Velocity shows how committed Cisco is to helping its partners increase their digital marketing capacity and, most importantly, their results," said Steve White, vice president of programs, channels and alliances at IDC . "Marketing Velocity was already a leading light in the marketing space for partners, but these changes really show that Cisco is the benchmark for marketing with partners."

Partner Testimonials:

“Cisco is truly the industry leader when it comes to working with its partners to improve their marketing practices. I wish more providers would do the same. WWT has had a long-standing partnership with Cisco, which has been transforming our marketing practices together. By testing Cisco Marketing Velocity Activate, we've already seen a portfolio of $ 10M and $ 2M in bookings in just 10 weeks ”- Chad Bockert, vice president of marketing for World Wide Technology

«Softchoice's ambition is to create exceptional experiences for our clients, partners and people, building authentic connections through an approach based on ideas and solutions. Cisco digital consulting resources have allowed our team to elevate our marketing strategy and execution, in a world where microsegmentation, hyperpersonalization and buyer relevance are key ». – Julia Noskova, vice president of marketing for Softchoice

«Our marketing partnership with Cisco helps us connect, engage and surprise customers. Cisco Marketing Velocity Central facilitates the conduction of strategic and people-directed brand-sharing campaigns and Marketing Velocity Learning guides to leverage social networks, create enlightening content and build a stronger story, ensuring tangible returns ”- Harshil Dave, leader of Connectivity Solutions marketing


• All expanded Marketing Velocity content will be available to partners starting July 30, 2019.

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