Clash Royale receives the elf barrel challenge with great prizes

by Kelvin

With the recent arrival of the second season of the history of Clash Royale, does not stop arriving more and more new content with which to entertain us in these hot days of summer. Because, in addition, the boys of Supercell they have given him a look of the most holiday to his star game and give, if possible, more desire to play.

The Elf Barrel is the protagonist of this challenge

On this occasion they have enabled a new event in the form of challenge of choice and that has to the Elf Barrel as the protagonist This card, which is the main one of the type of deck known as logbait, in its multiple versions, is one of the most complicated to climb to maximum level being an epic; after legendary, are the second ones that play less.


The challenge it has fifteen battles, so it is quite long. As we say, it is of choice; we stay with four letters and we give the ones we don't want to the rival, who in turn does the same with us. And of course, the Elf Barrel It will be the letter to beat in the event.

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In spite of this challenge, we will get the prizes after each victory. And they are pretty good; to reach the end (something that is not quite simple), we will have done nothing less than eleven letters of Elf Barrel, 57,500 coins of gold, five chests that include two legendary and, eye to data, an exclusive reaction.

The final prize is an exclusive reaction

East prize It is one of the most coveted of all Clash Royale. And this time it has, like the own event, to the Goblin that appears after exploding the Elf Barrel as the protagonist with a pirate look, very in line with the current season.

The first attempt, as always, is gratuitous; after falling eliminated for the third time, we can rejoin prior payment of one hundred gems or for free, in case we have in our possession the pass royale.

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