Classic What can fans expect from this release?

by Kelvin
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On August 26, the anticipated premiere of World of Warcraft: Classic will arrive, a reissue of the first version of the world's most famous MMORPG.

The game that Blizzard Entertainment presented 15 years ago returns to realize one of the requests of its most vocal fans, who seek to relive the game that made them happy in the past.


Since its announcement on BlizzCon 2017, fans who aspire to play the original version of World of Warcraft have awaited the development of this remake that will finally be available to all subscribed players.

But what do players who aspire to enter World of Warcraft: Classic will find? Are you ready to play a game 15 years ago?

The drums of war thunder once again!
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Trying luck

A year after the official announcement of Wow Classic, Blizzard presented the first public test of this game at BlizzCon 2018, where players could meet in various scenarios of the past.

As we mentioned in our review of this Classic beta, the game was much more different, more crude in its animations and more demanding in its combat style.

This showed that the original game was much more complicated in the original version than in its expansions. Another explanation for this was that our characters were weaker and that progress would eventually come.

Classic What can fans expect from this release? 2

This triggered a strong debate among fans of World of Warcraft, in which many claimed that it would expose the system's flaws of the current version of Wow (facilities to progress and a simplified system of talents and skills).

On the other side of the fence are fans who resent that the old class parameters are again at the forefront of the game. The supposed freedom offered by the World of Warcraft talent tree in the past is not at all consistent with the real usefulness of many classes.

In the middle of the year, closed beta test servers were opened in which many players could experience this lack of balance. In short, if you don't have a series of specific talents for your class, you won't get any team or teammate to play.

Extremist fanatic

There is a great division right now within the World of Warcraft players, among those who remain focused on continuing to play Battle for Azeroth and who are willing to play Classic.

Although there are those who want to make life in both games (a possible facility thanks to Blizzard attached both games to the same account of each player), the division is present very strongly in social networks.

Battle for Azeroth fans claim that the excitement for Classic will not last long and that the nostalgia factor has an expiration date, preferring to focus on the elements that will arrive in the next Wow update 8.2.5.

The most vocal fans of Classic claim that being able to play this version of the past is a triumph of their will over those of the Blizzard company, which continues to "ruin" their game with bad ideas.

They insist that the answer for the original version of Wow will be so great that Blizzard will eliminate Battle for Azeroth and focus all its support on the "true" World of Warcraft.

After all, you have to be completely honest. We are in a territory without many precedents in history, because, although there are remakes of games, it is very difficult to meet one of an MMO that lives equally with its updated version.

Although revisiting a classic always feels particularly great, the nostalgia factor and the differences of each version are very attractive, within the world of MMORPG the idea is always progress.

World of Warcraft is offering its fans the possibility of playing a different version than their current game so that they rediscover because they loved the game, but those who love the current version can remain in it without problems. World of Warcraft is for everyone.

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