Codemasters loses its leaders after 4 months of EA acquisition

by Kelvin
Codemasters loses its leaders after 4 months of EA acquisition

Earlier this year EA celebrated the purchase of the Codemasters studio, but a little over 4 months later we have already started to see the first casualties in the developer. When the deal was settled at the end of 2020, one of EA’s promises was precisely to preserve the former way of working for developers.

However, today (6) it was announced that both Frank Sagnier, the CEO of Codemasters, and Rashid Varachia, its CFO, will leave the company by the end of July. The information was confirmed by an EA representative to the website, who tried to minimize the episode, ensuring that this movement was always foreseen by all parties.

According to an EA spokesperson, this change in management was only “anticipated with the integration of Codemasters into EA Studios”. He still reassured players recalling that Respawn is also owned by EA and, even so, it still works with complete freedom.


Frank Sagnier has been the main face of Codemasters since 2014, just when the studio took off as one of the top names among racing game developers. As a result, Codemasters will be headed by Clive Moody, its former product development leader, and Jonathan Bunney, who headed the release department.

Slightly Mad will continue under Ian Bell’s baton, with no changes there except for the fact that all new games will come out under the EA Sports label. What did you think of these changes? Comment below!