Coisa Mais Linda Season 2: cast conversation about sorority

by Kelvin
Coisa Mais Linda Season 2: cast conversation about sorority

The Brazilian series Most beautiful thing, from Netflix, has reached its second season. Starring Maria Casadevall, Pathy de Jesus, Mel Lisboa and Larissa Nunes, the attraction features a period plot with several relevant issues being discussed, such as feminism and racism.

Last week, the streaming platform released all episodes of season 2 of Most beautiful thing for subscribers, who were able to check even more all the dramas and misadventures of these women who fight for their ideals in a period in which some rights were not yet present in their narratives.

Thus, to promote the series, the cast of Most beautiful thing united, embodying their characters, to discuss a very relevant topic in the context of the series: sorority. As they rightly put it, sorority means a kind of brotherhood in which women unite to break down taboos and boundaries that separate them.


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The promotional video for the second season, in addition to presenting unmissable scenes from the series, also brought a very pertinent dialogue, featuring the cast of Most beautiful thing to speak also of female competition, often stimulated by different sectors of society — something not at all healthy.

With the coronavirus pandemic still in progress, measures to protect its spread remain in place and, therefore, Beautiful thing radio was a very creative solution found by Netflix to bring the series to the center of discussions during this period.

Somehow, the personal life of actress Maria Casadevall, who recently took up an affair with another woman, left viewers even more curious to check out the production, as she is one of the protagonists.

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Text written by Matheus Rocha da Silva via Nexperts.