Colombia will activate a Special Work Permit for Venezuelans

by Kelvin
Permiso Especial de Trabajo Temporal

Special Temporary Work PermitThe permit can only be issued if the person has a formal employment contract.

Notitarde.- Director of Migration Colombia, Christian Krüger Sarmiento, informed that in the coming weeks they will implement a Special Temporary Work Permit (PET) For Venezuelans.

In that sense, the official explained that the PET will have similar functions to those of Special Permit of Permanence (PEP), with the difference that it will be addressed “to all Venezuelans who have a job offer"


In addition, the document, which you are looking for regularize the status of migrants, will be valid for between two months to two years, with option to extension for two more years.

Paraguachón border point in Maicao

On the other hand, Krüger Sarmiento reported Friday that the number of people who entered their nation increased for him border point of Paraguachón in Maicao.

The immigration authority also indicated that this occurred after the activation of the orange alert in Venezuelan territory and the military will move to the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

It should be noted that Colombia has received more than one million Venezuelans that escape the crisis in their country.

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– Jofrana González Canelones (@jogonzalezc) September 12, 2019

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