Comcast Expands Cheap Internet to Three Million Homes

Comcast Expands Cheap Internet to Three Million Homes 1

November 4, 2018 Sunnyvale / CA / USA USA – Comcast Cable / Xfinity service are driving on the highway. Comcast is the largest provider of Internet home services in the United States.

Since 2011, the Comcast Internet Essentials program has connected more than eight million low-income people from two million households to the Internet. Now, the company has announced that it will offer cheap internet to three million low-income households.


This home receives high-speed internet at $ 9.95 a month, plus taxes, and users will be eligible for free digital literacy training and an option to buy a computer for under $ 150 as well. This is certainly good news for those who need it.

Those who wish to register for the program must demonstrate that they are participating in federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, the Additional Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) or the Additional Security Income (SSI), among others.

Last year, the program was also opened to veterans, and Comcast already supported families with a student who received federal assistance. "Arguably the Internet is the most important technological innovation in history, and it is unacceptable that we live in a country where millions of families and individuals lose this life-changing resource," said David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President and Director of Comcast NBCUniversal Diversity.

Everyone should have access to information and the online world. This can help many people learn skills and get better jobs.

Source Engadget

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