Comet Lake-U: Notebook manufacturers almost complete the picture

by Kelvin
Comet Lake-U: Notebook-Hersteller machen das Bild nahezu komplett

Picture: Lenovo

The evidence for Intel's notebook processors from the Comet Lake family is increasing. The Refresh from Coffee Lake Refresh picks up where Ice Lake still lacks: the number of cores and the clock. Notes on suitably equipped notebooks from Asus, HP and now also Lenovo could mean an early market launch.

Intel's 10th Core Generation with Ice Lake or Comet Lake

Intel's tenth core family for compact notebooks travels double-tracked with Ice Lake and Comet Lake. While Ice Lake brings with it the new 10 nm process, including a new Sunny Cove architecture with a high IPC increase, the Ice Lake U clocks still relatively low and are limited to a maximum of four cores. They bring with Gen11 GPU up to twice as much graphics performance as their predecessor with Gen9 and on top of that integrated Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 support with it.


Comet Lake has more cores / clock but only Gen9 and no Thunderbolt

More cores and more clock at lower power per clock and even the slower Gen9 graphics unit in turn provide the Comet Lake -U. According to the information leaked, at least four models are expected. The portfolio is led by the Core i7-10710U whose six cores are to work with up to 4.6 GHz boost; However, in order not to blow up the TDP frame of probably 15 watts, the base clock is at a low level of only 1.1 GHz. With up to 4.9 GHz, the Core i7-10510U with four cores to deliver the highest boost clock, which surpasses the fastest Ice Lake U of the 15-watt class by 1 GHz. The entry is the Core i3-10110U with two cores before the Core i5-10210U.

Specifications of the Intel Comet Lake-U (unconfirmed)

The specifications has Notebookcheck brought together from different sources. Among other things of "Twitter-Detective" @momomo_us This information comes from circles of the OEM partners of Intel.

These reveal again and again gaps regarding actually still secret information. After this at Asus and at HP Meanwhile, product pages on new notebook models with Comet Lake-U surfaced and quickly disappeared, the same happened with Lenovo. Sites of the Chinese manufacturer had listed variants of the IdeaPad C340 including Comet Lake, as screenshots prove.

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Appointment for Comet Lake still uncertain

It is still unclear when Intel will officially launch the sale of notebooks with Comet Lake-U. More economical Comet Lake-Y analogous to Ice Lake-Y are also expected. In any case, customers will once again have their eyes fixed on their choice of notebook, because behind the "10th Gen Core Processor" can hide two very different processors. Based on the nomenclature with Core 10xxx at Comet Lake and the new naming scheme Core 10xxGx at Ice Lake, the distinction in looking at the data sheet is not that difficult.

Specifications of the Intel Ice Lake-U (official)

The sale of the first laptops with Ice Lake-U has already begun. Dell specifies September as the delivery date for the XPS 13 2-in-1 models in the US.