Common crashes caused by MIUI 12 in Redmi Note 10

by Kelvin
Распространенные сбои, которые вызывает MIUI 12 в Redmi Note 10

Common crashes caused by MIUI 12 in Redmi Note 10

We know this and Xiaomi knows this, MIUI 12 did not turn out to be the ideal operating system that brand users have longed for. The firm has already apologized for the abundance of bugs and optimization problems, “blaming” the development of future versions such as MIUI 12.5 and a large number of devices with which they need to work.

In the case of Xiaomi Redman Note 10, the current “successes” of the firm, there are several users who have gathered on the manufacturer’s community forum to collect all the bugs found in the software in order to find solutions, if any.


MIUI 12 and its headaches

Miui problem 12 update

Before listing the errors present in the mobile phone, it is pertinent to note that, as often happens in these cases, not all models have the same errors, and all users with the same model face the same problems. While most of these are common, it is the brand’s customers who indicate what happens to them: a lot, a little, or never.

The first one relates to animation crashes when opening folders on the Home screen, which start abruptly and with a slight delay. I am concerned about another glitch that we talked about earlier, namely low brightness when set up. dark mode and refresh rate up to 120Hz. Even when this screen mode is activated, a series of unpleasant flickers are observed.

The proximity sensor again becomes the main character of another headache for users, which is why the mobile phone does not turn off during a call or, conversely, does not turn on in time. It also prevents WhatsApp or any other messaging app from listening to audio.

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Notice, which sometimes comes out inaccurately, is another of the most frequent user complaints. Redmi Note 10 with MIUI 12, as is the case with the curious consumption of mobile data even when connected only to Wi-Fi networks. (Although this is normal, because by default, when the signal level is low, Xiaomi mobile phones use the data network to ensure stable viewing).

Finally, one of latest MIUI 12 glitches associated with the battery recharging mode at night. The mobile phone does not go into sleep mode if the fingerprint sensor is activated on it, draining the battery even if airplane mode is set. Fortunately, restoring the phone from the factory fixes this error.

For other problems, Xiaomi promised a solution by hand in the form of a system update, which, of course, MIUI 12.5 … Fortunately, these are small bugs that prevent you from using a great phone normally, such as the Redmi Note 10.

We hope that we will not have to wait long until we receive this version of the operating system in our country.

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