Concept becomes free for individuals who want to organize their lives meticulously

by Kelvin

The Notion application announces the launch of a free offer for individuals, with improved features. Used in startups, the service will also interest internet users who want to manage their daily life to the millimeter.

Do you regret the disappearance of Wunderlist, which allowed you to organize your daily life with the greatest rigor?


The alternative to fall back on may be called Notion. On May 19, the company announced the launch of a free plan for Internet users who want to use it for personal use. More precisely, this formula has been updated, by removing restrictions deemed obsolete – such as the number of “pages” that could be created: this limit is now ancient history.

To support the renewal of the personal offer, Notion has launched a dedicated page detailing what changes from this date. Now a free account can create as many cards and pages as you want (up from 1,000 previously). In addition, it is still possible to give access to the service to five guests and to synchronize their tasks between different devices.

App conceptAn example of a Notion table, with thematic columns (to do, in progress, finished) and maps on specific subjects.

Regarding the people who have paid so far for this formula, they are switched to the higher subscription (Personal Pro). This includes lifting the storage ceiling (5 MB maximum for the Personal plan) and the limit on the number of guests who can join a Notion board. Several other benefits are included, such as priority access to support.

The details of the differences between the different formulas are given on another page, with the prices (5 dollars per month for the Personal Pro subscription, for example).

Attract new customers

The services offered by Notion are very practical in a professional context, because they make it possible to manage task lists in the form of cards dispatched in thematic columns – what is called the Kanban method. This allows for example to know who is doing what and where is this or that subject. This can be used for development, for example, or for writing.

The free plan, on the other hand, was quite poor and unattractive, due to somewhat too rigid limits. The easing announced on May 19 is indicative of this. Notion should thus attract more Internet users, so as to show them what its service is capable of. And maybe convert a number of them on the paid subscription, when their needs are no longer satisfied by the basic offer.

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