Constituent Fernando Soto held a forum in the San Diego municipality

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Constituent Fernando Soto held a forum in the San Diego municipality

Constituent Fernando Soto held San Diego Forum - NotitardePhoto: Courtesy / News Now

Notitarde.- The constituent Fernando Soto Rojas held the forum "Unity of the Patriots in times of war"; under the invitation of the San Diego City Council, in Carabobo state.

This activity was carried out thanks to the participation of the deputies of the Legislative Council of the Carabobo State and the councilors of San Diego.

In the forum, the constituent Fernando Soto Rojas spoke about the development of the capitalist empires that have oppressed peoples throughout the ages; "Even in its period of decline, it keeps oppressed Venezuela."

In this regard, Soto noted that a great change of mentality in the population is brewing in the country; This change would result in the rupture of the capitalist model.

Constituent Fernando Soto said that “we are in a multipolar world where economies are no longer being governed by the dollar; which is an unsupported role and that emerging powers such as Russia and China will soon dethrone the American empire. ”


For its part, Councilman Juan Carlos Palencia highlighted his thanks to the teacher Soto Rojas. He also emphasized that “San Diego is an example of that battle of powers; where there is a power constituted in the municipality, such as the executive who does not enjoy support and management because of his inefficient and careless practices. And a power is also emerging as the City Council; which is a sample of the execution of power with attention to the people and with a defined north in the leading participation ”.

He also thanked the public present and congratulated the deputies of the Clec for this initiative.

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