Continue with Apple: the first apps begin to arrive with the 'Sign in with Apple

by Kelvin
Continue with Apple: the first apps begin to arrive with the 'Sign in with Apple

With the release of iOS 13 last week, iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 yesterday, users can now enjoy improvements in the front of privacy on their devices. One of the most anticipated is "Sign in with Apple", announced in the last WWDC and that the company has decided to translate into Spanish as "Continue with Apple" and that it is already making its entrance via third-party apps. We have tested this new system of high web services through the Pocket app and this has been our experience.

This is how it works "Continue with Apple"in Pocket

The process to use this system of registration in services of apps and websites is tremendously simple. Nothing else download and open an app For the first time, we must follow a registration process that frees us from having to enter our data manually. In our example, we are testing with Pocket for iOS, the well-known app that helps us save and classify the articles and web resources that interest us most. I had not used this app for a long time, so I decided to register again following the process of Apple.


credentials system Apple

In the first capture you can see the usual option to register or log in with user credentials already created. When we go to the registry, we will run into the second one where we will see the registration system of Apple called "Continue with Apple". Importantly, Pocket has its own registration system and that the third party is immediately below. In this case, Apple above that of Google (as we will see, this is a requirement of the company).

In the following capture, Apple It informs us of what your system consists of. Fast, secure, private and hiding our email if we wish, this screen may only be seen the first time we use Continue with Apple.

Picture 2

Finally, a last step appears where we can choose between sharing our name and email with the service. The email can be hidden by Apple, before which the company would forward us to the email associated with our Apple ID all service communication. In this case, Pocket. And that's it, Continue with Apple It actually consists of 1-2 steps at most once you've used this system for the first time.

What's behind Continue with Apple

Harry Potter continues with Apple

Continue with Apple It is a measure taken by the company to offer a private alternative to the users of its devices. Until now, developers could integrate into their apps their own system to register with the traditional email and password. As this type of records requires development, maintenance and measures for data security (in addition to an important responsibility after the GDPR), not all developers can afford it. Hence they resorted to login from Facebook or Google, among others.

In this way, they leave a new user much more capable and secure. But with the subsequent transfer of user data to these companies and its implications regarding privacy. Apple He wanted to cut for the healthy, offering an alternative to these systems that puts the privacy and security of our data ahead of everything.

Although there are exceptions such as corporate apps or those of Google itself and Facebook, when an app offers to register through a third-party service, It is mandatory to offer Continue with Apple. And, in addition, you must place it as the first option within the records via third parties. If we go back to the Pocket capture, we see how the system Apple It is located just above Google.

With the credentials method of Apple, developers and users gain speed, security, simplicity and protection of our privacy without giving up using a web service. The need for this system It has been patent numerous times, but it was undoubtedly even more evident after the launch of games as expected as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Last summer and with the release of this Niantic game, Facebook and Google were the only way to register (there wasn't even a company-owned method). As of now, all developers with exceptions are required to use Continue with Apple. Great news in these times.

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