Contra analysis: Rogue Corps, frantic and very entertaining action in a game that is far from the quality of other installments of the saga

by Kelvin
Contra analysis: Rogue Corps, frantic and very entertaining action in a game that is far from the quality of other installments of the saga

In recent days we brought you our impressions of Contra: Rogue Corps after having played its first phases, stating that it had left us with good feelings and eager to try the final version to discover if our opinion was maintained or changed completely.

The truth is that we must recognize that a new delivery was missing of the Konami saga that has accompanied us for so many years and has left us with titles of all kinds, some better than others, so for the occasion it has been wanted bet on certain changes in the gameplay They have sat well and others that are somewhat questionable.


Therefore, we are going to tell you what we thought about Contra: Rogue Corps in the following analysis and why the return of the saga could have sucked higher.

Back to slaughter demons without stopping

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

Something that we are used to in all the Contra is to find robots and countless demons willing to end our lives in a post-apocalyptic world. In this case the argument goes seven years later of the alien invasion in Against III: The Alien Wars. However, despite the fact that it ended, the Earth has not been without danger.

In the call Condemned City a portal has been discovered from which artifacts and technology of great value have emerged, but all these materials have been accompanied by an army of demons They plan to completely eliminate any trace of humanity left alive. To stop their feet they will be the jaegers, mercenaries and bounty hunters willing to raze with any creature that gets in their way.

Even so, this is only the first brushstrokes of a plot that we will gradually discover that it hides something else. In any case, everything the argument is constantly relegated to the background and in the end it will be what we will pay the least attention to, since the adventure will be divided into several chapters and the game will only provide us with new details of this section when we overcome all the missions of each of the different episodes.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

In part it is logical, since after all in the Contra has always been the least of its history. More than anything because what really matters is the gameplay and its pure and hard action, something that is naturally the strongest point of this delivery. So we can opt for four different characters, to each more beast and armed to the teeth with several firearms, bombs and a special ability that will extract its full potential.

Those chosen for the massacre to occur are Kaiser, Harakiri, Knight and Hungry Beast, better known by the muscular uncle of the drill, the agile girl with the sword, the weirdo and the panda-like cyborg, respectively. When playing we can opt for any of them before starting each phase, but not everyone is exactly the same and it is in the small details where we will end up opting for one or the other.

So the weapons will be the same for everyone, but the level of expertise of the characters when it comes to wielding them will not be identical, while the other big difference will be in the special abilities, because not all of them will be equally effective in the same situations, as well as recharge time for reuse It will also vary. In any case, it is not that they are determining aspects, but they can influence each other's way of playing.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

Personally, the machine gun I think it's the best to fight all kinds of battles, while the laser gun or the chainsaw They leave a little to be desired. In addition, the fact that not all are equally good at all times can be seen especially in the fighting against the final bosses, because with certain weapons it will cost much more than normal to reduce their points of life or directly it will be impossible to harm them, causing some meetings are eternalized more than normal.

A change of perspective in 3D with a gameplay with ups and downs

One of the most significant changes of this Contra is that, although the majority of games in the saga are in 2D, in this the action will be in 3D, though the camera will not control it in any moment. It will be the game itself that will rotate it and place it in the most suitable places so as not to lose detail of everything that happens and thus have a better perspective when shooting enemies.

There will be times that will be located just behind us, others just above or something more inclined. There will not be other moments that will be placed as if the game were in 2D, but we have not noticed at any time that this is inconvenient, so we must recognize that It is very well implemented and the truth is that you enjoy playing a Contra in this way.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

Perhaps the action, however frantic, does not reach that of other games in which enemies are constantly appearing everywhere as you go through the levels. Here we will have to go moving through a kind of rooms that will only be unlocked as we annihilate all the demons that arise from them. Some of them will have a somewhat demanding difficulty that will force us to give the best of ourselves and have great reflexes.

So we will be wrapped in some scenarios plagued by horrifying demons that will be launched in waves against us while a few are dedicated to shooting us from afar, although those that are somewhat more resistant and require more than just bullet them with bullets. This will lead us to use a dash with which we will be able to leave you stunned to apply them a finisher or to dodge his blows, so we will constantly be moving from one side to another, shooting without a fool or son and using this ability.

Although in all the chapters the scenario will change, it is also not that they attract too much attention, because all will be places in ruins in which it shows that we are in a post-apocalyptic world. Anyway, in the end we will have the feeling of being doing the same thing constantly, because the phases are worth changing, but that platform element has been lost along the way with this change in perspective.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

There are parts of the phases in which we must jump, but only to move forward. There will be no elements around us that put our lives at risk beyond our own enemies. At most some vehicle that explodes and can damage us. Even so, in this Contra we will start with several lives at the beginning of each screen and our characters they will have a life bar and a shield which can be regenerated with certain objects that will appear sometimes.

On the other hand, the weapons have an inconvenience and it is that the team must have thought that it was a good idea to make will overheat if we use them too much. In the first impressions I thought it was not bad to give the game some more difficulty, but at the most advanced levels it becomes too big a problem, beyond causing a change in the rhythm of the action, because it forces you to have to be dodging the blows while you wait for the weapon to cool down to start shooting again as if there were no tomorrow.

In fact, this very questionable situation is increased even more in the battles against the final bosses, which in turn will have to deal with enemies, shots and much more. Of course, in the Contra the difficulty has never been a walk and in this case it is not either, so at least the most faithful followers may find it satisfactory to face such a challenge.

Playing the same levels. This is how it is farmed in a Contra

No, don't worry, you haven't read wrong. Effectively Against: Rogue Corps the farmeo will be the order of the day and it’s something we can’t ignore. This is because every time we pass a phase we will be transferred to the operations center that our characters have, where we can choose who we are going to play with and train with them.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

However, in this place there are two areas that stand out above the others: the workshop and the operating room. From the first we will have the possibility of customize weapons of our characters to select which one will take, make some new or improve the ones we already have. As for the second one, it will allow us to change the eyes, the brain and other parts of the body for others pieces that will modify the statistics of certain aspects.

The point is that, in the case of weapons, the only way to be able to develop improvements in them will be based on leveling up. Only when we complete a phase successfully will we be able to increase its experience bar and when it reaches a certain amount can we improve it. That doesn't mean we can equip with objects that we are collecting by the levels, but we can only select a certain amount of them depending on their level of rarity.

However, these same objects that serve to equip the weapons will be the same that will also ask us the game that we exchange to raise the level weapons, without forgetting that all this costs money until you reach absurd amounts of how high they are. Total, that in the end if you want to get the best weapons because a level has stuck, you will be forced to wash the easiest again and again so that the weapons level up and you can strengthen them.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

At least the operating room will not be so demanding because you can switch between any item you want without any problem at all times. The only thing that will be several doctors available and to request the services of the best, which will increase the statistics of these objects, they will have to be paid. And we insist that money is very difficult to obtain If you don't replay the levels over and over again.

Luckily, despite the problems we have cited so far, the gameplay of this Contra has something that in the end just getting hooked and fun. Perhaps due to the fact that you start shooting no matter what else and that the action it offers is very well implemented. In addition, those who want to share the experience with other people may opt for a cooperative multiplayer mode for four players, that always makes the fun increase even more and the most bearable farmeo becomes.

VidaExtra's opinion

Maybe Contra's return to video games it has not been produced in the best way, but it is not the worst of its deliveries either. Let's say you could place yourself in something intermediate and that above all it is good for those looking something to hang out with crushing demons without stopping, especially if they do it in the company of someone else.

Against: Rogue Corps - Analysis

In our case we must point out that, because the game is not for sale yet, we have not been able to test the performance in the online multiplayer mode and we do not know how its competitive multiplayer mode is. For the rest, we have been entertained most of the time until we have been forced to have to replay certain phases several times, either because the enemies were too devastating or because time was on us, as if it runs out you have to start from the beginning and we already warn you that the levels are somewhat long.

Technically it is a normal game, the performance is good and what attracts the most attention visually are the sequences of the bombs and the finishers, in addition to the animated kinematics at the end of the chapters. Conversely, the soundtrack is virtually nonexistent. There are certain themes that are not bad, but for most of the time it seems that they do not exist and it is a shame because there are other installments of the saga that have spectacular melodies.

In summary, Against: Rogue Corps is not one of the games this month, although you may like it if you are looking for action in abundance and something to share with three more friends. What we expect above all is that the negative aspects run out correcting through future updates, because there are some of them that need a good review if it is intended to be a recommended game.

Against: Rogue Corps

Against: Rogue Corps







Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 (analyzed version) and Xbox One
September 26
39.99 euros

The best

  • The action ends up being very entertaining and fun, especially with several players.
  • The wide variety of weapons and characters available.
  • The animated sequences.


  • Having to replay the phases over and over again to get the best weapons.
  • A very similar level design between them.
  • You miss something more than just shooting.

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