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Long before Control, Remedy Entertainment built its reputation on abstract fairy tales, building on paranormal themes that defined its adventures with unwavering dedication. For the most part, it works very well, with projects like Max Payne and Alan Wake that they still adore to this day; others, such as the Quantum Rest polarization, are somewhat less.

Even if it fails to capture the magic of Remedy's best work, Quantum Break still innovates with spectacular shooting mechanics, using time travel in a way that the media didn't have before. The environment changes and crumbles around you, strange nonsense that makes each shooting a fun exercise in excitement.


Although he did not study the convoluted nightmare of time travel, Control developed many ideas introduced by the study's predecessor. The reliance on environmental damage and storytelling is bigger and better than before, pushing players into an ever-changing world before them.

This uncertainty is the greatest controlling force and also the most destructive weakness, making it impossible for anything I like to find common ground where it really stands out. Instead, we have a solid third-person shooter that never reaches the desired height.

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The Oldest House is a fantastic setting: claustrophobic and free in the same size

Jesse Faden is a woman with a mystery that must be solved. An unanswered question for life led him to Oldest House, a monolithic institution in downtown Manhattan owned by the Federal Office of Control. It holds secrets that, if not protected, can destroy the entire world, so Jesse spends his entire life looking for them.

The control does not throw any blow in the initial moments. After walking around the reception and dancing around the venue for a few minutes, you will find Service Weapon, a supernatural firearm that can be turned into a pistol, machine gun, shotgun or other fans of generic gun shooting that will soon get used to it. .

After receiving this device, Jesse becomes the Director of the Oldest House, gaining access to various psychic powers that will be unlocked throughout Control. Now he is someone with a great responsibility, the characters of the world respond to his presence with understandable amazement. I suppose if someone can kill you with the mind, you will also be a little nervous.

Jesse's Weapons Service and Jesse's growing arsenal of psychic powers combine to create one of the most exciting shooters I've ever played. Being able to turn your weapon into a different killing tool at the push of a button enables a quick and versatile gathering where the pace of battle is never constant. Ammunition is unlimited, it reloads naturally after it runs out.

I used this as an opportunity to show off my psychic prowess, throwing a nearby table, monitoring and diverting the concrete to an upcoming thug. You can even take the bodies of your companions and use them as temporary projectiles, which are very shadowy but very effective at eliminating waves of criminals.

Enemies ranging from generic warriors to more complicated creatures like grenades, armored monsters, and mermaids that scream and shoot at Jesse before exploding. Each requires special tactics to defeat him, praising my toolkit to make every meeting feel good.

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Telekinesis has been done before, but Control is the best of the group so far.

Other forces you'll unlock include building an emergency shield against nearby debris, blocking bullets before throwing debris at enemies for a deadly counterattack. You can also have a wounded enemy battle by your side, a feature I rarely use because it makes me vulnerable to precious seconds I can't hide behind the cover.

You unlock new powers by completing missions involving power items. These are random elements possessed by a dark presence that, in the wrong hands, can have devastating consequences. To conquer them, you will venture to the Astral Plains, another dimension of the world dominated by the unknown. The lack of definition is what makes Control and its central themes so disturbing, and I like that. But who exactly are you fighting against?

The mysterious presence known as Hiss has infected the Office, has its inhabitants, and turned it into a zombie killer who is eager to kill the Director. You are immune to infection, as are some lucky people with emergency devices attached to their chests. No one seemed to know where the whistle came from or what they wanted, even though it seemed to be of a hostile dimension.

Remedy deliberately gave Control a secret narrative, sparking a bit of insight into documents, videos, and audio diaries found at Oldest House. They provide valuable context, but they must enter the pause menu to read a paragraph of text every 10 minutes destroying the flow of exploring a cohesive world. That, and the secret documents that were censored with black bars only made things even clearer.

It's a shame, because the mystery surrounding Control is really interesting, but the game fails to strike a balance between the exciting shooting game and the narration that continues. The latter is directed towards conclusions that do not feel clear enough to satisfy. The last moment made me want more of the story of Jesse and the alien world he called home. I will not harm anything here, because I still consider it worth seeing alone.

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Control reviewThe ability to fly is not obtained for several hours, but it changes the game in several ways.

Jesse also has a voice inside his head, which he talks to constantly throughout Control. However, like many of Control's narrative underpinnings, it feels too obvious in a rather pedantic rather than clever way in its implementation.

Many of these rhythms have a lot of potential, but the lack of a solid foundation means I ask more questions than I think they need to be enjoyed. With that said, I'm now in a final game, completing quests and meeting characters, and I'm still oddly leaking every document I find. Remedy has built an incredible cohesive world here, it's just that the unfortunate mystery of the center is so chaotic that so many cool moments seem unacceptable.

Outside of the main story, I started many side quests launched by my personality in the Oldest House. Most of them involve cleaning enemy rooms or finding a specific location and doing simple puzzles, while others watch me ascend to the Astral Plane for optional boss challenges and gain new powers. Everything is appreciated in its own way, using the open-end design level control for extraordinary effects.

This is also the best way to increase Jesse's power through collections of mods that increase his base attribute and apply significant bonuses for each weapon variant. You will apply this to checkpoints that are scattered in older homes. This is basically a Dark Souls bonfire, acting as a safe place to implement upgrades, quick trips, and even change Jesse's clothes. There are also optional challenges that produce experience, mods, and other elements.


Control is one of Remedy Entertainment's greatest achievements. As a shooting game, it is fun to play this game, because all the mechanics come together to create supernatural explosion of paranormal powers and eclectic shooting game. Combine that with open exploration and nearby packages of excellence.

So embarrassing the narrative can be messy, slowly annoying before reaching conclusions that unfortunately do not feel accepted at all. Endgame offers a greater opportunity to explore this world and its character, but it is not enough to save the central mystery that in the end feels useless.

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