Convened by Anatel, Oi presents strategic plan against bankruptcy

by Kelvin
Convened by Anatel, Oi presents strategic plan against bankruptcy

Still under masks about the possible destinations of the company, again Oi, one of the largest telecommunication operators in the country, again discusses its strategic plans not to end up failing, and the board member and coordinator of the transformation committee, Rodrigo Abreu , the presentation of the discussion agenda.

At a meeting with Anatel on Thursday, 08/29, the agency's advisors and technicians met to determine the company's future, as well as return its follow-up to Anatel itself.


In July of this year, Abreu was also called upon to establish and present a perspective for the organization, adopting a clear stance of caution regarding the company's possible sale issues and also of immersion in the new technology segments planned for 2020, such as the formalization of 4G in the 700 MHz band and definitive entry for the other 5G frequencies.

"Our plan is to maximize market capture with performance, but the good thing about the plan is that it preserves multiple options going forward. If you have a non-organic combination for value, it will definitely be considered," says Abreu.

Possible sale

Rising in the market with an increase of about 23% following a signal of purchase intention by the CEO of American company AT&T, it is still complicated to speculate about Oi's future in the Brazilian telephone spectrum.

Whether it is keeping assets out of the organization's strategy range or for more sensitive issues such as the one already mentioned supports selling it, it is clear from the intense discussions about the next steps to be taken and, similarly, , the close follow-up Anatel is having and its moderating position on the operator's delicate recovery process.

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