Cooking Mama returns to the stove with vegetarian options and blockchain technology


I am 13 years old from the first launch Cook mom and since then, Saga has managed to place 10 games between Nintendo DS, Wii, mobile and 3DS that have been reported to their creators. more than 600 million dollars.

It is normal that with this panorama the saga is still alive and it can be predicted that now they also want to lower their feet Nintendo Switch. They will do it this fall with a new installment called Cooking Mama: Going Home for Mama that promises to include blockchain technology between recipes and recipes.


They ensure that, in addition to being a method to protect themselves from copies, each game will have a unique ID – technology blockchain This will serve to provide users with the ability to resell their games, both traditionally with physical copies as well as digitally.

They also emphasized that thanks to blockchain, better experiences can be offered so that each game is unique when competing online. Two concepts that now sound like fantasy and that Digital planet They have yet to appear in the community.

The ability to play the traditional way or on the blockchain will be added to the Mars blockchain vegetarian mode, all this with the usual movement control that this saga has given for many years.

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