Copy protection: With Mobile Game Protection from Irdeto the Denuvo copy protection is now also available for Android games

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Copy protection: With Mobile Game Protection from Irdeto the Denuvo copy protection is now also available for Android games

PC players have known Denuvo for several years. And for a long time the copy protection already ensures heated discussions among the users. Now the technology should also protect Android games from pirates.

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Denuvo is a copy protection of the company Irdeto, which is now synonymous for Android games to protect pirates. | (c) Irdeto


(c) Irdeto

Anyone who has called PC games as a hobby, is likely already once by Denuvo heard. The software company is best known for providing DRM technology to PC gamers to minimize piracy in the first few weeks after release. The effectiveness of the copy protection software is the subject of intense debate online, because piracy groups are also quickly reversing this technology. In addition, Denuvo is controversial in a majority of the players, because the software allegedly slows down charging times and deteriorate performance of games. Now, the technology could soon also cause heated discussions among Android players, as today Irdeto, the parent company of Denuvo, has announced the technology "Mobile Game Protection" for Android game developers.

"Zero operating effort" for developers

In a press release, Irdeto explains that Mobile Game Protection "Debugging, reverse engineering and changing the gameAccording to Irdeto, the source code of the game is not needed for the final APK"(the binary file) can be added so developers do not have to manage yet another API or SDK. In the product launch, Irdeto states that developers "like mobile game protection"zero extra effort"can integrate.

Games like Baldur's Gate 2 also cost money as an Android version, but can also be found as a pirated APK and then for free on the net.

Key features of the tool include "configurable protection levels, intelligent detection of protection points, root detection, anti-hooking, virtualization and integrity checking"Root Detection and Anti-Hooking are designed to detect Magisk / SuperSU and Xposed respectively, while virtualization helps the games to see if they're running on an emulated Android device," Irdeto also says the technology helps. "to protect against static or dynamic manipulation of app codesIrdeto states that the implementation of this technologyhave minimal impact on the user's gaming experience".

  The Denuvo copy protection by Irdeto also contains an anti-tamper technology. | (c) Irdeto

The anti-tamper technology of the Denuvo copy protection is intended to protect the high sales figures of a game title in the first 14 days after release by preventing pirated copies. | (c) Irdeto

There is no doubt that software piracy is also widespread on Android. With just a quick Google search, you'll find lightly cracked versions of apps and games – and unlike Apple's iOS, nothing prevents Android from installing these pirated versions via Sideload. With APK mod tools and root access, it's also possible to manipulate game files to cheat or unlock download files that you normally have to pay for. So it's understandable that software companies like Denuvo have technologies to curb the manipulation and piracy of Android games.

However, the gaming scene on Android is somewhat different from PC gaming, as most popular mobile games function as a "freemium" model rather than costing full price in advance. So it probably will not come to such a cat and mouse game between pirates and Denuvo on Android as on the PC.

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