Core i9-10900K @ 4.8 GHz, 235 Watts and 93 ° C under AIO of 240

by Kelvin
Core i9-10900K

The Core i9-10900K embodies the showcase of the Comet Lake-S range. This 10 core processorth generation will offer a 14 nm architecture equipped with 10C / 20T. A leak reveals significant energy consumption and high cooling needs.

This information was taken from a publication on Weibo. It unveils a first test of this showcase. If Intel brings 10 physical cores and 20 logical cores, the use of 14nm +++ engraving is more and more problematic for Intel. This is even the big concern of the giant against the Ryzen 2000 and 3000 from AMD taking advantage of 12 nm and 7 nm.

Intel shows a real know-how to optimize the existing to increase the number of cores and the frequencies. However, the exploitation of the same architecture for several years is beginning to reveal certain limits.


Core i9-10900K, a mandatory AIO of 360?

According to a publication spotted on Weibo, the Core i9-10900K @ 4.8 GHz is energy intensive and its cooling needs are significant. At full speed and cools down using a Watercooling AIO of 240, the bestio requires 235 Watts while its CPU Package temperature reaches 93 ° C at the maximum for an 87 ° C on average throughout the exercise.

The processor operates at a frequency of 4.8 GHz on all of its cores. The thermal Velocity Boost will therefore not be easy to obtain since this technology requires a CPU below 70 ° C. All this suggests that we will have to arm ourselves with a solid cooling system (AIO 360?) To make the most of its possibilities.

This chip is armed with 10 physical cores with Hyper-Threading technology or 20 logical cores. Its architecture offers a total cache of 20 MB and a DDR4-2933 MHz memory controller. The overall thermal envelope is 125 Watts. Basically its frequency is 3.7 GHz against 4.8 GHz on all cores at most. The Thermal Velocity Boost mode, linked to the state of the processor temperature, goes even further with 5.3 GHz on a single core and 4.9 GHz on all cores.

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