Covid-19: Russia reviews data and reports 3 times more deaths

by Kelvin
Covid-19: Russia reviews data and reports 3 times more deaths

Russia released on Monday (28) a comprehensive review of its data on the impacts of covid-19 on the country’s population, which reveals a death toll three times higher than originally reported. There were 186,000 dead, more than triple the 55,000 registered so far.

The new data from the statistical office Rossat were released by the agency France Press, and place Russia as the third country in the world in number of deaths by covid-19, behind only the United States with 335,000 and Brazil with almost 192 thousand. The count taken by Johns Hopkins University still shows Russia in eighth place.

The review of information contradicts the optimistic speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claimed to have controlled the pandemic more effectively than the West. Rosstat arrived at the new values ​​by comparing the excess mortality verified between the total number of deaths in the country between January and November this year compared to the same period of deaths last year.


“More” deaths

With the revised statistic, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova concluded that “more than 81% of the high mortality in this period is due to covid-19, or the consequences of the disease”.

Russian health authorities have officially registered more than 3.07 million cases. However, they only used deaths confirmed by autopsies to prove the cause of the coronavirus, and confirm its “good management”. However, in November alone, 26,788 Russian citizens died from the virus, according to Rosstat.

Russia is now pinning its hopes on mass vaccination with its Sputnik V, whose program, launched in early December, has already immunized high-risk workers ages 18 to 60 without chronic disease. The Russian vaccine also arrived in Argentina, where the vaccination process began this Tuesday (29).