Craig Federighi has explained why messages cannot be programmed in iMessage… for now

by Kelvin
Craig Federighi

Craig Federighi has become one of the most visible loads of Apple and is usually one of those responsible for showing all the news of the company's new operating systems. As an expert who is in the software of Apple, some users have contacted him asking for explanations about the absence of new features, and a question about iMessage Craig has answered.


No wonder seeing executives from Apple answering emails from users and in this case Craig has answered two of them, one asked about the option to schedule the sending of messages in iMessage and another for the lyrics of the songs of iOS 13.

Craig Federighi responds to users

Thanks to these two emails that the senior vice president of software engineering for Apple, Craig Federighi, we have more information about some future plans of Apple.

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Message programming in iMessage

Programming a message in iMessage can be a very interesting option, and now we know thanks to a reddit user that Apple He is thinking about it. This has been Craig's response:

"Hi Jonh

It is something that we have been considering (and that we continue to consider). Of course, it has a lot of complexity:

  • How to represent messages that have not yet been sent
  • Support to edit or delete scheduled messages
  • What to do if someone sends you a message when you have one programmed for that person

And, of course, the social concern that we may end up sending a message at the time you are not available to respond. This could cause confusion in the person receiving the message since you are not available even if you have sent a message.

Thank you

Lyrics of the songs on the music player

lyrics lyrics music iOS 13

With iOS 13 comes a new function that will allow us to have a kind of “karaoke” in the music app since the lyrics of the song will go from stanza to stanza, however it is something that was removed from the betas. Thanks to another reddit user who has asked Craig we know that will arrive on iOS 13.1.

"At first we were concerned to implement it as a feature, since some phones seemed to experience excessive battery drain due to the display running in the background. But since then we have discovered how to make it a less intensive feature of the CPU, and hopefully we should implement a change for this with the official release of iOS 13.1".

It’s very interesting that executives of Apple respond from time to time to user issuesIf you want to try your luck you can try it too.