Crazy! Minecraft already registers more than 112 million users per month

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Crazy! Minecraft already registers more than 112 million users per month

If a great book in the history of video games was created, Minecraft would have several chapters inside. The phenomenon created in Sweden more than 10 years ago by Mojang AB. continues to accumulate records for posterity.

Microsoft made one of the most master moves that are reminded of it when in 2014 it bought the studio for 2.5 billion dollars, in turn acquiring the intellectual property that today is still a success.

Minecraft is the most played non-free-to-play game of the moment

Despite having been in the market for more than 10 years, the Microsoft sandbox is one of the most popular games today. Helen Chiang, director of Mojang AB, gave an interview to the Business Insider portal, and he revealed the number of 112 million monthly active users.

Minecraft is only shaded Roblox, which a few months ago recognized having almost 100 million recurring users per month, and Fortnite, whose last recognized figure dates from a year ago, with about 80 million users. However, it should be noted that these two games are free-to-play, something that benefits a game to be tested, while Minecraft is a paid game.

Minecraft is for sale on all available consoles and devices, and is also part of Xbox Game Pass since last April. With all this data, it seems that nothing and nobody can reach these figures, at least for now.

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