Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android with Wemoji

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Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android with Wemoji 1

At the end of 2018, WhatsApp announced that its messaging app would have sticker holder, something very demanded by many and that allows you to talk and send more fun messages with emojis and GIF animations.

Previously we have seen what are some of the most popular WhatsApp stickers in the app stores, but if you want to surprise your contacts with own stickers that you have created yourself, you have several options for it as we saw in this other article .

But the list of applications to design stickers for WhatsApp grows every day, so today we will see another practical Android tool with which convert an image or photograph that we have stored on our mobile device in a fun sticker to share in a conversation or WhatsApp group.

Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android with Wemoji 2

His name is Wemoji, is exclusive to Android and is free, although sometimes we may see the occasional ad. Its operation is very simple, so we will be able to create a good handful of stickers for WhatsApp in minutes.

Cut along the dotted line

We open Wemoji and we choose an image to convert into sticker. It doesn't matter if it's a drawing or a photograph. The app gets along with the usual formats.

Once we have the image open in Wemoji, the next step will be trim the bottom to keep the most prominent element of the image, be it an object or a person. For this, the app has cut function Freehand that seeks to adapt to the element we are selecting.

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Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android with Wemoji 3

Although having a good pulse helps, we just have to swipe around the element we want to select. To be more precise, Wemoji show a magnifying glass as we make the selection. If something goes wrong, we can undo the last move and / or start over. And if this were not enough, once we have the selection, it is possible blur the edges so that the result is more correct.

With the image already cropped, we could publish the sticker directly, but Wemoji gives us the opportunity to include more things on the sticker like emojis or texts. To do this, it has artistic fonts. You write the text, include, if you want, the odd emoji, and then select the desired source. Then you can place that text wherever you want and even enlarge or reduce it so that it is better next to the image that we will become a sticker.

Create stickers for WhatsApp on Android with Wemoji 4

When finished, we can already include the image in its own collection of stickers. Wemoji allows us create new packs or add new stickers to the packs we have already created. It is also possible edit the collections removing stickers or deleting the content.

And that's it Now that we have our sticker collection, we can send it to WhatsApp by selecting the chosen pack from My Stickers, then click on the More menu in the upper right corner and, finally, select the option Share sticker pack.

If you are an Android user, with Wemoji It will be very easy to surprise your own and strangers with collections of stickers created by yourself.

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