Create your own notes on your mobile with these apps

by Kelvin
Create your own notes on your mobile with these apps

Create your own notes on your mobile with these apps 2

Adhesive notes are basic in any office. Workers use them as a reminder to highlight something truly important. The phone of someone to call without fail, an important date, the time of the meeting … any data that is relevant or necessary deserves to be remembered with a note or reminder and if you do not have one of these strips of paper we recommend some Notes apps for your smartphone to not miss anything.

Google Keep

In Android is the notes app for your smartphone by excellence. Google Keep It is not one of those that are integrated into your phone by default, but you can download it for free from the Google Play Store like in the App Store. The application has several modes for you to choose from the one that interests you most. Lists, simple or photo notes, recordings or reminders are some of them. In addition, reminders can be synchronized with your calendar to record dates, so you will never miss an event. If you prefer, you can also share a note with your team to which you can give or not edit permissions, so it becomes an indispensable app for teamwork



google keep

Evernote It is another well known app to save all those data that you do not want to lose. It shares many features with the previous one and it is its workspace, which puts each note you have registered in small boxes. It also allows you to make lists of tasks, drawings, upload photos, but what is most striking is its ability to create a table like the one you can do in Excel. Another interesting function is that you can label each note with specific tags, so you can find what you need, even if it is organized in folders. It is also available for devices Android Y iOS.

Post it

No, we are not deceiving you, it turns out that the well-known adhesive papers also have their application. As a curiosity, it has taken the company five years to develop the version of Android which is now available for free (here is a version for your device Apple). This case is somewhat different from the others as it focuses on freehand writing. Choose a Post it like the real ones and a color, the type of marker and create your reminders. You can group them in folders and share them in various formats (from PDF to DOCX) with whom you want to share your ideas.

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