Cuban government cuts internet in the country to prevent further protests

by Kelvin
Cuban government cuts internet in the country to prevent further protests

Last Monday (12), the Cuban population woke up without a signal and with social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram running with a lot of instability. After the demonstrations held on Sunday in Havana, which brought together thousands of people in the streets, the government decided to cut off the internet. The aim is to prevent protesters from exchanging information and organizing for a new demonstration.

According to NetBlocks, an organization that monitors the free internet around the world, almost 50 points in the country had their connection suspended today. In addition Associated Press also notified power cuts in Havana and nearby cities.

The leader of the Cuban regime, Miguel Díaz-Canel, said that people cannot believe in “youtubers against the system adopted in the country”. According to him, the change of regime will bring a system that will not be concerned with the well-being of the population.


Díaz-Canel also stated that the acts were thought by criminals who “manipulate the population’s emotions through social networks”.

Lack of food and vaccines

The demonstration was the largest since the 1990s and was organized on social networks to protest the lack of food and vaccines against covid-19. In a statement, the government blamed the 200 new US sanctions against Cuba, which were imposed by Trump and maintained by Biden. “If you want the people to get better, first lift the US blockade imposed since 1962,” said Díaz-Canel.