Custom Caviar iPhone XS and XS Max custom order for $ 6390

by Kelvin

Caviar is a Russian brand known for its luxurious and exclusive smartphone models. The development company usually gives a more attractive look to smartphones Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. They make smartphones a luxury item by engraving superior materials like gold, diamonds and designing on the device. This time, Caviar is about to release a new series of bespoke jewelry editions for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


Cavier brings the Prima collection of three classic Russian ballers, including Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and La Bayadere. These three new models will be presented by one heroine of respected ballets. Caviar’s new Pria Collection uses more than 20 diamonds per device. These engravings on the exterior of the phone make it fantastic and beautiful. In addition, Artcraft on the device is performed manually, and it takes about 12 days to make it.

As shown in the figure above, each of the models looks superficial, and each has its own aura. The Caviar iPhone XS / XS Max AURORA has a gold plating with diamonds on the back. It is available for a whopping $ 6,380. The next is the Odette edition, which houses a silver engraving with diamonds and costs from $ 6,490. The most expensive NIKIYA model carries a sculpture in several colors on the back and is available for $ 6,760. You can learn more about Caver Prima's new iPhone models in the intro video below:

To buy these premium options for the iPhone XS and XS Max caviar, you can go to their website. The new Prima edition is mainly designed as “the perfect gift for a woman.” The company also releases several other limited editions of Samsung devices and Apple iPhone Cavier ships devices internationally.

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