Customize system navigation notifications on Android 10


In this guide, we will make a list of steps to adjust the system navigation notifications in Android 10. With the launch of Android 10, one of the most commented changes is the introduction of a new navigation navigation. This is very different from what we used to see in previous versions. However, there is a surprising problem that persists with that. No, we are not talking about reverse signs that conflict with the burger menu, there are still some tricks to overcome them.

The main problem is the navigation mismatch of this move with most special launchers. As soon as you switch to a different home initiator, a new move will appear The system > Ahead it will click automatically. Also, every time you replace a special launcher, you'll receive a warning notice plus a home screen banner about this update. Yes, to be fair, this is something I have never liked.


Where is the problem

First, this notification or warning cannot be followed. That is, touching it will not take you to the Movement section to adjust your movements. The only thing they told us was that the movement navigation had been updated to the previous version, something we all already know. Also, appearing as a full banner only exacerbates the problem.

With this in mind, the best option is to disable this notification entirely and prevent it from appearing as a banner that covers the entire notification area. However, because this is a system notification (warning), you cannot disable it at all. Silencing it and removing it from the banner screen is most feasible. So if you want to know the same thing, here are the necessary instructions to set the system motion navigation notification.

How to customize system navigation notifications on Android 10

So if you are echoing my mind and want to adjust and disable this system navigation notification on Android 10 devices then follow the instruction set below. However, before that, keep this in mind. This customization is not based on the initial notification. Any changes you make to system navigation notifications or warnings will apply universally to all system warnings. So, make a decision accordingly. Also, don't forget to check the steps to adjust Android 10 gesture navigation.

Steps to follow

  1. Go to Configurations on your device and go to Request and Notification.
  2. In it, touch Application information and then on the overflow icon located in the upper right corner.
  3. Select menu Show system The chose. You will now get a list of all the system applications installed on your device. To choose System UI.
  4. In the system user interface, touch Notification Then touch Alert The key words. Tested You cannot easily disable this option, because it is part of the system application.
    system navigation warning
  5. All you can do is change this notification from Warning for him Shut Or if you want to stay in alert mode but want some modifications, here are the possibilities to adjust system navigation notifications:
    adjust navigation
    • To disable banner display, disable it Appears on the screen turn on
    • From It sounds section, you can customize the navigation notification of this system according to your wishes.
    • You finally have Cancel Do not disturb The chose. If you flip the switch, you will continue to receive this Navigation system warning even when DND mode is activated. This will be added to the whitelisted event.

So, this is how you can adjust the active system navigation notifications Android 10. The next time you want to make more changes, you can immediately find the System UI from the Settings search bar. On that note, we conclude this guide. Will you turn off this notification or keep it on because this notification has a universal impact on all system warnings? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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