Cyberpunk 2077: Sony is denying game refund requests

by Kelvin
Cyberpunk 2077: Sony is denying game refund requests

The release of cyberpunk 2077 was quite tumultuous on consoles, with multiple bug reports and subpar performance. Adding to the controversy, gamers are reporting problems getting game refunds on PlayStation consoles!

The controversy began when CD developer Projekt Red itself recommended that disgruntled players use “PSN and Xbox’s refund system for digitally purchased copies” and, although PSN does not have its own system for this, some people have reported on the forums. Reddit who got their money back using customer service.

However, it seems that the whole process is still one big lottery, with some players managing to get their money back in full, and many others having their requests promptly denied, as shown in the following tweet:


“In today’s update, Sony support refused yet another refund request, claiming that even if the developers made that referral, they couldn’t make the chargeback. They lied about the game not being broken, and they lied about CDPR’s stance. !”

In a quick search in forums and social media we found some other denials from Sony, which even suggested “wait for the patches that will be released in January and February 2021”. What do you think of this whole story? Comment below!