Cyberpunk 2077: Update 1.2 will improve cars and police

by Kelvin
Cyberpunk 2077: Update 1.2 will improve cars and police

THE CD Project Red revealed new details about the 1.2 update of cyberpunk 2077, but has not yet provided a release date for the change package, which was pushed back last month. According to the company, the patch will bring major improvements to the futuristic RPG, including improvements on cars and police.

According to the developer, the update will improve Night City’s law enforcement response. Currently, the police have been very violent in the game, which has annoyed some users.

When the player commits an infraction, even a small one, law enforcement agencies tend to appear quickly and ready to fire. CD Projekt Red said it is aware of the issue and with the new update agents will not appear so close to the player.


In addition, the 1.2 update will bring drones that will arrive at the crime scene before the toughest cops, giving the player time to prepare for combat.

Improved steering

The update will also feature improvements to the in-game cars. The company admitted that the experience of driving in cyberpunk 2077 it’s not the best, especially in the PC version.

According to the company, the frame rate will be more stable inside the vehicle, which should improve the driving experience. The developer also said it made specific adjustments to some of the vehicles to improve handling even at lower framerates.

The next update of cyberpunk 2077 it will even feature a new steering sensitivity adjustment. Thus, the user will be able to access the menu and choose the rigidity level of vehicle movements, as shown in the video above.

More details on updating the cyberpunk 2077 are available on the game’s official website.