Dandara, a turn to the metroidvania that can drive you crazy until you recover your sanity with its final stretch

by Kelvin
Dandara, a turn to the metroidvania that can drive you crazy until you recover your sanity with its final stretch

Lately I am taking the opportunity to resume and complete games that I had left half, as is the case Dandara. A title that caught my attention in its day for its peculiar control, completely removed from the usual in any action game of scroll side. Literally.

What was special about it? We did not move under the traditional method, but we depended on some "fixed jumps" pointing with the stick. And also, under the strictest rules regarding the type of terrain to step on. It was very difficult for me to adapt and, above all, to get hooked, but as a result of returning to it a year later, I ended up loving it. That you don't know him yet?


Learning to move in this metroidvania


The differentiating aspect of this work of Brazilians Long Hat House is precisely the choice of the peculiar method of movement. With the sights set on the remote control and touch control (because it came out both on consoles and PCs and on Android and iOS touch devices), they wanted to make Dandara a metroidvania different where we could not walk.

These fixed jumps, under a pointer with which we point towards the reverse side, are carried out with a frenetic speed to which one ends up getting used to, not without effort. At the beginning there will be situations, especially when several enemies come together, which will be very difficult for us, but in the end we will be able to make real mischief (also for improvements).

And is that as good metroidvania that is, everything will go in crescendo as we go unlocking skills and optimizing the initial team. The latter will fall on the "pleas of salt" that will be left by enemies and chests, from the bonfire that will act as a checkpoint and travel fast in the final stretch of the game. But each improvement will require more pleas.

It is also a start deterrent game Because of its high difficulty and how much it penalizes each death, as if it were a Souls, since we lose the supplication obtained and will have to go back to our corpse to recover it. Even in the use of potions and the replacement of manna will be something "slow" on purpose so that it is not an immediate process and the times have to be measured.

Dandara, a world to lose fear


Dandara's aesthetic is quite striking, by the way, although it takes time to show its true potential. In this sense, I have been fascinated by the presentation of the universe on the map, despite how confusing it can be to enter certain rooms by how the screen is rotated (and not the map), because it shows its regions quite originally with drawings Very cool

In this very gravitational game (each jump defies the laws of gravity, in fact) the inhabitants of Salt, the world on which the story takes place and is on the verge of collapse, are also very striking. Different shapes and sizes where Dandara, the protagonist who gives life to the title, seems the only one that seems more human. And the game keeps a surprise.

Bypassing what happens at the end and how tremendously addictive that section is, especially because of the requirement of the Golden Fortress and how we are "modifying it", it is surprising that Long Hat House has not spoiled the rest of the sections, such as its presentation of Face the menus. Something as basic as instructions to know how to use the skills …

And despite those imperfections, it is a title that ends up leaving a more than remarkable ground when we complete it and that will challenge us to complete each and every one of their challenges (not only to achieve 100% exploration and chests, but to overcome the time of their creators, of only one hour and 17 mins). Now it is not a metroidvania Short: it took me seven hours and 40 minutes with almost everything 100%. It is a game that lends itself to repeat with speedruns.

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