Danger for the new WhatsApp scam through a chat link

by Kelvin
Danger for the new WhatsApp scam through a chat link

Again a WhatsApp scam worries users of the messaging service. Now, they warn that it occurs through a chat link. Watch out!

Image result for whatsappThey warn about a new WhatsApp scam.

Scams through Whatsapp They are already something common. From promotions trout, WhatsApp Gold, chains and many other lies that criminals use to remove data, steal money and so on.

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Now, the people of ESET, specialists in computer security, warned that there is a new form of scam circling the system of Whatsapp. Now cybercriminals pose as the platform to steal information from third parties.

This has been announced through a statement published on its website, where they explain how they act and offer some simple methods to avoid falling into the trap.

Thief whatsapp image result

According to this group of security experts, the scam comes through a link sent by Whatsapp through which the company guarantees you up to 1,000 GB of data to celebrate its anniversary.

If we press on the link we are already in the trap that will take us to a page where you will have to answer a survey.

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Once in it, you will have to answer questions related to the offer you received and even about WhatsApp. When you have finished responding to all of them, the attackers will invite you to share the offer with at least 30 people.

In this way, cybercriminals will get the phone numbers of all those contacts that have been able to get you out and in this way continue with the chain, again and again.

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