Dark mode also gets Facebook, we’re already working on changing your app

by Kelvin
tmavy rezim

This year, a number of applications have changed into a dark coat and this also applies to the user environments of the latest versions of Android and iOS.


Users like Dark Mode, so it's no surprise that more and more developers are gradually deploying it in their digital products. Especially active in this respect is Google, which has added the dark theme to several of its apps.

Finally, one of the most used applications ever gets Dark Mode – Facebook. Earlier this year, Messenger was given priority. At that time, the dark theme for the main application was still not spoken, although it could be expected Facebook deploys.

Dark mode for the application Facebook announces Jane Manchun Wong which has reliably informed on several social network news in the past Facebook. It also attaches a screenshot to the information.

Dark mode also gets Facebook, we’re already working on changing your app 1Photo: Jane Manchun Wong

You can see that the dark mode is not finished yet. However, the development is intensively under way. We don't know when Facebook puts this new display setting into practice. But by the end of the year he could make it.

Dark mode is more energy efficient, especially for OLED screens. In addition, it is more comfortable for the eyes, especially when viewing content in the evening and night hours when the classic white display is unnecessarily brilliant.

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