Dark mode arrives at Gallery Go photo app

Dark mode arrives at Gallery Go photo app 1

One of the latest Google applications that will arrive updated. And all of this marks a dark fashion trend that is flooding Google's operating system and apps running on Android. Is about Go to gallery, a cropped version of Google Photos to review galleries, albums and photos stored in the memory of the terminal and in the cloud. If you are one of those who have decided to simplify things on your mobile, either because the terminal has few resources or because you prefer to use it for something else, inform him that Gallery Go dark mode is already here.

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It comes with the latest update, which brings number v. If you are one of those who like to determine. It has been released through Google Play Store but, as usual, it can still take a few days to be available in the Google app store in Spain. Also, we must not forget that it is an application that focuses on phones with fewer resources, especially those running Android One, so your phone may not appear in the list Google Play Store. But next we tell you how to get it.

Low ???? and see your memories with Dark Themes ????, starting the next few days with the latest Go Gallery update. https://t.co/TY0RanREmm pic.twitter.com/xo4PsDvadU

– Google Photos (@googlephotos) 14 August 2019

In fact, if you are a user of an Android phone that is updated to the Pie version, you already have the function of deleting your application from the configuration. Just enjoy Going Gallery in the dark, without this update bringing you something new. But if you use Android Oreo You can now activate it in settings, like a real update of the latest update that just arrived. The changes are not visible in the user experience, because the buttons, menus, and other items remain intact. Only pure white and bright background colors are changed to a darker color.

The rest of the menus and functions remain unchanged. So the difference is when using this app in the dark, for example, where the brightness of the screen won't really bother us. Or also when the autonomy of the terminal is maintained, where the use of dark colors should be considered when less energy is consumed between the screen and the battery. Even though this is a more aesthetic problem than others. Especially in the lower class terminals.

All you have to do is go through the Go Gallery download page at Google Play Store to see if you can get the latest version of the application. And, if you can't get there or don't want to wait, you can download it directly from the APKMirror app repository.

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