Dark mode has arrived on Google Play

by Kelvin

As you can see from some screenshots posted by XDA, It's Google Play's turn, the Google App Store.

One of the most anticipated news from Android 10, the latest version of Google's operating system, it's the dark mode. In recent weeks we have seen applications like Google Photos, Google Maps, and Gmail being dyed black. As we can see in some screenshots published by XDA, It's Google Play's turn, the Google App Store.


That's how dark google play is

In the images, we can see the main menu and the page of one of the applications, also the suggestions section. Google Play changed the design just a few days ago to fit the lines defined by the Material Theme, and now it's time to change color.Google Play Dark Mode When you turn on dark mode on your device, the Google app store leaves white behind and turns a color that, although it is not completely black, it completely changes its appearance. The font will turn white and although we keep the green color of the highlights and buttons, this is darker.

It may also be interesting to know:

The Google app store joins other Google apps that already show up like this, like Calendar, YouTube and the applications mentioned above. should keep in mind that the dark mode on Google Play is not yet available to all users.

We hope this new aesthetic will spread in the coming days for most devices.

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