Dark Mode of Windows 10 gets fixes and improvements

by Kelvin
Dark Mode of Windows 10 gets fixes and improvements

Microsoft prepares Dark Mode enhancements for Windows 10. Well-received on its debut, the dark color theme received criticism for its inconsistency across the system; luckily, the Redmond giant seems to have fixed most of these problems.

Praised by the community at the time of launch, Dark Mode brought relief to users of Windows 10 in dark environments, but the frequent inconsistencies bothered considerably — being quickly discussed in dedicated forums.

Users of Windows Insider can now update their system to Build 20211 and check out the fixes in the theme. The first obvious change is the change in the colors of the Windows Search, the system bar — composed of the white background in the stable, public versions of the system.

Windows Latest/Reproduction

These are subtle changes in problems that bothered those more aware of the operating system’s colors. Still, there are sections of the Windows 10 that did not receive the dark colors, such as the Properties window and all the windows contained in the traditional Control Panel. According to the website Windows Latest, this inconsistency is due to Microsoft’s difficulty in modifying the content in old interface frameworks.

WinUI on the way

In the same update, Insiders users noted that Microsoft is looking for ways to introduce the first tests of WinUI on the desktop. It is a reworked interface to standardize the distributions of the Windows 10 between mobile and desktop devices — without the same aggressiveness as in Windows 8 — with changes in the arrangement of buttons and changes in various elements of the system.

Still, the debut of this renewed interface still seems far away. Microsoft seems far from implementing it in Windows Insider and, considering the company’s past history, the change may be riddled with bugs and problems.