Dataminers find Major Lazer bundle in update V10.10 of 'Fortnite'

by Kelvin
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After the last great concert we saw in ‘Fortnite with DJ Marshmello everything seems to indicate that from Epic Games they are ready to reveal the next great collaboration with a musical artist like Major Lazer. Certain rumors had already been run that indicated that this artist would star in the next concert within the game and now we know thanks to the game's dataminers new details.

The dataminers found references to a Major Lazer bundle hidden in the files of update V10.10 of ‘Fortnite’, Which is a clear reference to a package of cosmetic items based on EDM Major Lazer.


Some of the descriptions that the datamienr Silox He found they seem to be related to gestures, a dance called "Main Movements" and also found what appears to be an unpublished character aspect described as "Major Oswald."

Silox was able to import the filtered files into its game and confirm that there is a new Major Lazer mask within the files of update V10.10. He also found the dance and was able to play it inside the game along with a peak that seems to be part of the new package.

A leak that could come to fruition within ‘Fortnite’

Although all these files are hidden in the game files of all users, it does not necessarily mean that you will end up arriving at the game since many of the files present within the game do not end up arriving at the game. Other cosmetics have been added in previous updates and have never reached the game but this Major Lazer package could be one of those cases in which it does arrive in the game accompanied by a thematic event.

Leaked encrypted from Lazerism Set

– s1l0x (@ s1l0x) August 14, 2019

If true, this would be the second collaboration between Epic Games and musical artists so we can only hope to have official information from the developer of the acclaimed battle royale ‘Fortnite’That is available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS.

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